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Growth for business looking good

Published on 16 February, 2010 By admin

So far 2010 is looking good – we have UK inflation up to 3.5%, which would imply that people are buying at the stores etc. House prices are rising again, up by 2.9% in 2009, which gives people the feel good factor so it it looks like a good time to buy a business or perhaps to set up fram scratch.

Although things are looking like they are picking up, there are the doom mongers that are predicting a problem year and Europe is having it’s problems, not least Greece, Spain and Germany.

We are seeing reports of some excellent business growth and profits – only today Barclays have reported record profits of £11.6 Billion, which is up by 92%. Kraft too have recorded triple the profits in their last quarter, so the good news is filtering through.

The next problem that will be facing people is when the Bank of England and their foreign counter parts start putting up interest rates. These have been lowered and kept low so that world economies can recover, but the Govenor of the Bank of England will have to time any increases carefully to avoid the double dip effect, which some of the scare mongers are predicting.

A few good feel good factor news results:

Barclays profit up to $11.6 Billion

House prices up 2.9% in 2009

Dominos pizza sales soar

Kraft profits triple in last quarter

Japans growth exceeds expectations

Indian factory out fastest pace for 10 years

US sales growth beat expectations

Double profits at PepsiCo

Profits up at Mittal as demand increases

UK manufacturing see strong growth