Achievements of Richard Branson

Richard Branson: Life at 30,000 feet…

Richard Branson Life at 30000 feetThe achievements of Sir Richard Branson are quite incredible and can be admired by everyone whether or not they are themselves an entrepreneur.

TED talk: Richard Branson Life at 30000 feet…

I found this video, a TED Talk ‘Richard Branson Life at 30000 feet‘ and really enjoyed watching it. An interview with some interesting facts about Sir Richard Branson.

Most of us like to know things about Richard Branson. Like how much he’s worth with his businesses. The Virgin Brand employs around 55,000 people and turning over some $25 billion (£15.7 billion)!

This is a real honest and open interview with Richard Branson and quite amusing at times and shows a real insight into what he is about and I hope it will inspire the readers of my business blog!

He is open about both his successes and some of his failures and how he managed to save his airline Virgin Atlantic when things got a little tough with his competitor British Airways.

Some quotes from Richard Branson…

In this interview, there are a few notable quotes…”Learnt early on, if you can run one company, you can run any company.”

I like status quo and turn it upside down.” is another quote of Sir Richard Branson.

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Branson sees life’s one long learning process, and there’s much to be learnt from this famous entrepreneur.

A millionaire or going to prison…

Branson’s headmaster found him to be an enigma at school and is known for saying “either going to be a millionaire or go to prison.“. The first ended up being true, in fact he is now a billionaire. However, during his business dealings, he nearly ended up in prison on a few occasions.  An old 1889 Venereal Diseases Act Act states that you are not allowed to mention the word Venereal disease (or VD) in public, which he did and go arrested for this.

Another old act from 1916 Indecent Advertisements Act for using the words “Never Mind The Bollocks” in the Sex Pistols. The police decided the word Bollocks was a rude word. He was arrested for using the work bollocks on the Sex Pistols album.

Branson’s says that “all you have in the world is your reputation,and it’s a very small world.” and goes on to say “the best way to become a business leader is to treat people fairly and well.

Extreme wealth ends up in the hands of a handful of people…

With capitalism, the problem with it is that extreme wealth ends up in the hands of a very few people. Sir Richard Branson says “extreme responsibility goes with that wealth; use that money to create more jobs or to tackle issues around the world.”

“Thin dividing line between success and failure.” Richard Branson.

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Global warming a massive threat to man-kind…

Branson talks about ways of coming up with alternative fuels. Alternatively to find ways of extracting carbon and methane out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Guest shark on America’s Shark Tank…

Richard Branson is appearing on America’s Shark Tank series 9. He’s appearing as a guest shark. With a net worth of $5.2 billion and having created over 400 companies, he’s well placed amongst the other guests and with the main shark cast too.

With his net worth in the billions, he will be the richest shark on the show.

On series 9 he will be appearing alongside successful entrepreneurs property investor Barbara Corcoran, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, successful inventor and woman entrepreneur Lori Greiner, internet security king Robert Herjavec, FUBU founder Daymond John and software guru Kevin O’Leary.

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Achievements of Richard Branson

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