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Looking to sell your business businesses for sale

If you are selling your business you need to initially provide the following information: Price – This might be stating the obvious, but I have seen many a business for sale where the owner has indicated “price on application”. This is a mistake in my opinion, as you could be wasting both your time and […]

Software for Profit Improvement

Profit Increase Software for Profit Improvement This article is about Software for Profit Improvement and how you can use organic growth to increase your small business sales and profits. Once you understand the 7 WAYS TO GROW A BUSINESS you’ll see the advantage of organic growth as a good strategy to take your business forward. You’ll discover […]

Cash flow forecasts with our cash flow forecasting software

Cash Flow Forecasts Made Easy with our Cash Flow System Companies with strategic business plans enjoy greater revenue and profit growth than companies that don’t have one! In 1993, AT&T commissioned a study of small businesses. The survey found that companies that had a business plan were far more likely to succeed than those that […]

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