Be reliable in business

Be reliable in business and never take your customers for granted in business!

We have all had the builder that does not turn up on time. We also know how annoying it is when we take the day off for a delivery that does not turn up.

What happened to me the other day was to go to have my car serviced and to collect a curtesy car to find out they had forgotten to book it in!

Be reliable in business

Things like this really annoy your customers so please don’t do it! Things in business can and do go wrong, but try to make the experience as nice as possible for your customers and always where possible ‘Under promise and Over Deliver!’

The other scenario that really makes no sense is where banks offer better rates to attract new clients, but when existing clients ask for the same rates, they are told the beneficial rates are for new customers only. I appreciate businesses need to offer attractive terms to encourage people to buy, but if you do so, don’t do things that could alienate your existing loyal customers in the process.

To be reliable in business might mean offering new customers certain benefits, but make sure what you offer to existing ones is better.


Be reliable in business

3 thoughts on “Be reliable in business

  1. Any time you can create a pleasant surprise for your customers or take a bad situation and make it better, that’s an opportunity to strengthen the relationship, as American Airlines (finally) figured out. Contrast that to the “shaft the customer” mentality at most airlines, which is why that industry is held in such low regard.

  2. I could not agree with you post more. There is no excuse to give your customers poor service or a bad experience.

    After all your customers are paying your salary and the reason you are in business.

  3. A good point that is often forgotten by businesses. It only takes one mistake to change somebodies perception of your whole company. Like you say a builder being late makes you question the credibility of the builder or another truly annoying thing is when a promise is made about some work done on your car and they let you down for that date. It’s worth businesses taking a bit longer to ensure everything is right for the customer.

    – David

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