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How has Coronavirus COVID-19 affected your business?

Times are tough for many businesses, but then others are flourishing because of Covid-19. For example if you have a PPE business you'll be make lots more than you did before Coronavirus.

This is especially true after the announcement by President Trump today encouraging US citizens to start wearing masks. Plus the UK is enforcing mask wearing to go into shops from this Friday too. The sale of mask will go through the roof!!

The other business that has done extremely well is Zoom - their share price has increased by some 50% since lock-down in March 2020! More and more businesses are resorting to Zoom for their business meetings. It's a great meeting platform that works similar to Skype and Teams, but does a better job (in my opinion).

Other winners include supplement manufacturers, e-Learning, gaming, cyber-security companies, funeral businesses or undertakers and dating apps.

On the other scale, if you own a travel business, or worse still and airline, then Coronavirus has been a nightmare for you. I am hoping this isn't the case, but it may be we'll see a few more casualties yet in the travel industry. Especially in the UK when the furlough scheme comes to an end.

Other losers in the Coronavirus pandemic are restaurants, safes, hotels, concert promoters, gyms and fitness studios.

What business do you have and how has it been affected by Coronavirus?

Do you still have many of your employees off on furlough for those UK businesses?

Please add to the discussion and share your story about how the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected your business - both good and bad - positive and negative.

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