Credit crunch

Employee bonus bias

In one of my businesses we have just set up a new employee bonus to the management team and this has been well received. The title of this post was to emphasise a ‘Bias’ towards a bonus rather than fixed salary to your staffs – I would recommend this as a recession beating tool. I was not […]

15 Ways to Improve Net Cashflow

There are many ways of improving Cash Flow for a business and we have given you a few ideas to do just that. To help you see how these ideas can help your business it would be worth while doing some cash flow projections. The Cash Forecaster can be used as a management tool to […]

10 ways to save money in your business

10 ways to save money in your business and make your business a lean mean fighting machine! In an economic slow-down it is time to cut costs! When things are going well and saving money is not at the top of the agenda we can all let things slip and not pay close attention to […]

Money for starting a business

Getting the money for starting a business is a stumbling block that many budding entrepreneurs face at the out set. The first question to answer is should I buy a business or set up a business from scratch with each route having its own complications from a fund raising perspective. If you are starting out […]

How much money do businesses spend on advertising each year?

During an economic slow down most businesses take time out to think about their cash flow and their spending budgets, or so they should. I know from talking to other businesses that things are tough out there right now, and you only have to look down your own high street to see the all revealing […]

A positive work-out for your brain for business owners and would-be business owners alike

There are many of us that go to the gym to give our bodies a work-out, but how many of you give you mind a work-out too? I would hazard a guess that not many people give their brain a physical work-out; there are those of you that have bought the “Nintendo Brain Tease“, which […]

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