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Pizza Jim Treliving net worth

How Pizza Jim goes from a Mountie to a $700 million net worth and a well known celebrity on Canadian TV. An experienced entrepreneur with integrity and determination.

He made his fortune from Boston Pizza Franchise business and now invests as an angel investor on CBC’s Dragons Den.

His business empire has combined revenues of over $1 billion, which includes Pizza Franchises and an automobile service centre chain, along with a number of investments from Dragons Den. These include the likes of Kids Can Cook Gourmet, Steeped Tea and Velofix.

Elevator pitch examples for business

Elevator pitch examples for business and for entrepreneurs. An elevator pitch is a key sales tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. They can be used to secure new customers or an investment.

30 second elevator pitch examples and 60 second elevator pitch examples to provide inspiration for your elevator pitch.

How to write an elevator pitch and what are the mistakes to avoid. Examples include a 30 and 60 second speech for a web developer, a pitch for a startup, a speech for accountants and one for an entrepreneur pitch to a supermarket.

Jenny Campbell Net Worth

Jenny Campbell has an estimated net worth of over £40 million. A business woman’s success story where she went from a cashier at a bank to owning an ATM machine business.

Jenny Campbell made most of her wealth when she sold YourCash ATM business for £50 million. Campbell turned this business around, taking it from making a £7 million loss to make a £7 million profit.

She has now joined the new line-up on BBC’s Dragons Den to become an angel investor alongside Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Robert Herjavec went from having no money as a Canadian immigrant to a net worth of over $200 million.

His growing celebrity status began after appearing on Canada’s CBC Dragons Den. He left Dragons Den to join the cast of entrepreneurs on the US Shark Tank where he appears alongside successful women entrepreneur Lori Greiner. His celebrity status jumped again when he appeared on Dancing with The Stars.

Shark Tank Robert Herjavec sold his first successful business for a cool $30.2 million. Since then he has gone on to create even more wealth and success.

Michele Romanow net worth

Michele Romanow is the youngest dragon on Canadian’s Dragons Den. With a net worth of over £112 million (USD $150 million; CAD $187 million), this successful woman entrepreneur is a true inspiration.

Her first caviar business failed. Her next business, a mobile couponing app company SnapSaves was sold to Groupon. Michele Romanow has now moved from a tech entrepreneur to a Fintech entrepreneur.

A Canadian celebrity after appearing on Dragons Den, with an ever growing success. This confident woman in business offered to invest a staggering $1 million in TDot Performance on the ABC show.

Tej Randeva – Dragons Den Entrepreneur

Tej Randeva – Dragons Den Entrepreneur This article is about Tej Randeva, a serial entrepreneur who appeared on the BBCs Dragons Den, but got rejected. The topics I cover in the article, are as follows: Tej Randeva Chief Executive Officer of Transport Broker Group Desire to monitor website traffic growth The beginnings of an entrepreneur…Dominos […]

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