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What are the affiliate marketing requirements as a beginner?

Affiliate marketing requirements as a beginner includes having the right mindset in the first place. Your reason “why” is also key to your success, together with the ability to be dedicated, consistent and focused to ensure your success in online affiliate marketing. But then it is important to get the right training to begin with, in order to prevent the big mistakes that many newbies make, but also to speed up your chances of success in a shorter time-frame

What does evergreen niche mean? (Plus 7 evergreen niches to promote)

An evergreen niche is an industry which has an everlasting appeal. A niche is ‘evergreen’ if you can imagine it being around in 10-20 years time or longer. Also, any good evergreen niche doesn’t usually suffer from seasonal trends and they don’t necessarily require gimmicks to attract customers. This is because generally speaking evergreen niche products or services are ones that people naturally need or desire.

Is online affiliate marketing a scam? (How legit is affiliate marketing?)

No, online affiliate marketing is not a scam. Otherwise large online retail giants like Amazon and eBay would not have their own affiliate programs for affiliate marketers to promote. Nor would one of the largest hosting platforms like Bluehosts offer an affiliate program. It’s also worth understand how large online businesses like and employ a system that’s effectively a large affiliate program too. Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry with very large players involved, which is why it’s a legitimate online-business to start.

Is affiliate marketing worth it? (Is it worth the effort of learning how to do?)

Whether or not affiliate marketing is worth it and the effort of learning how to do, depends on what you’re personally trying to achieve. But if you’re just about to start an online business, there are a few things to consider. But I suggest you consider them before you begin to learn how to do affiliate marketing. These include the understanding that affiliate marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it isn’t as easy as some might like to portray. But if you’re prepared for some hard work, plus you have the patience and enough time to wait 12-24 months before you begin to see some good results, then affiliate marketing is worth it and worth learning how to do.

The how, why, what, do and can of affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing is the process or system where a person (which in this case is you) earns a commission from promoting other people’s (or company’s) products and services. Affiliate marketing for beginners involves choosing between having a website or promoting affiliate products on social media

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