Personal success

What is it called when you spend more than you have or earn?

What is it called when you spend more than you have or earn? The single words I’d use to describe your behaviour of spending more than you make, have or earn might be profligate, which means you’re being recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources. Other single words to describe this behaviour might include reckless or foolhardy. But to use two words as a description, this is simple and can be described as Over-Spending.

What happens if you spend more money than you have available?

If you continue to spend more money than you have available, your life will be miserable and be in continuous turmoil. Living from hand to mouth, day by day and pay cheque to pay cheque is stressful. But the best way to avoid spending more money than you have in your account is to tackle the route cause. That route cause is your mindset and your relationship with money. Your problem is at a subconscious level and is the same reason why most lottery winners end up worse than they were before they won big money.

What are the obstacles that prevent financial goals from being achieved?

The things that stop you from achieving your goals are all in the mind and are linked to your emotions. These include subconscious obstacles like having a fear of failure or the fear of success. It includes putting your own obstacles in the way like making excuses and procrastinating. Also, the mistake many make is thinking that success is all about making big leaps forward, when in fact small consistent steps are more likely to win the end game.

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