Change for success

Change for success
Change for success

Change for success – To be successful change what you do…

Albert Einstein defined Insanity as: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Put another way; in order to get different results from what you are achieving now you need to do something different! This applies to your personal life and your business life.

With regards to your business, if you are not getting enough work or clients through your door, then you should be asking yourself some important questions, including what can I do differently to get more clients.

Marketing and advertising is one of the keys to success of any business and getting it right is not always easy! In my businesses, I am constantly changing what I do and have always used the expression “change 1,000 things 1% rather than change 1 thing 1,000%”.

By changing small things constantly, you can keep ahead of the competition and they will find it harder to work out what you are doing to keep ahead. Whereas, if you changed one large thing, they would spot it a mile off and could quite easily do the same.

Going back to Einstein’s quote, what is your default position? If your business is declining; do you look around for confirmation that this is what should be happening, e.g. reading the newspapers to confirm there is a recession. Or do you ask how you get a different result by changing something?

You are in control of your own personal ‘Change for Success’, so I recommend you get on to it as soon as possible – Good luck.

Change for success

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