Comparing a job to having your own business

If you are considering the pros and cons of work against running your own business this article is directed at you.

Having a job gives you the guarantee that you receive your salary at the end of each month and in most cases you can leave the job when you walk away each evening and unless you are in management or have a job that requires working at weekends, you should have your weekends free too.

However, if you own a business then it is not always certain there will be profits there to pay your salary or dividend and it is very hard to close the door each evening without taking the business home with you.

The rewards of having a business far out weigh those of a job and not least because you own an asset, whereas if you stop working at your job your income ceases. If you decide to stop working at your business your income will continue and you will have the asset to sell too.

Comparing a job to having your own business

4 thoughts on “Comparing a job to having your own business

  1. I couldn’t agree with Austin any more! Having your own business can be a blessing or a curse. For a work-a-holic it is dangerous ground, but it is so fulfilling. We all must make ourselves keep a clear head about the reason for our career.

  2. Having your own business is a blessing as well as a curse. It’s a blessing in that you are in control of your own destiny. When you work hard, you know that what you have done will be of benefit to you. It’s a curse in that there is always something to do in the business. Especially as a sole proprietor, there is never a time when you can walk away and not worry about something. If you are fortunate enough to have a home office, then you can most likely have the freedom to take a break during the day to interact with your spouse and children. Of course the danger of a home office is that you never truly leave the business–not to mention that it’s always too close to the kitchen!

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