Keep up to date with the law in business

Keeping up to date with the law in business is a nightmare in business!

Law in business

In the UK, ignorance of the law is no excuse, including law in business, so as a small business you have to know everything, from all employment laws to all the crazy health and safety rules and regulations.

The world has gone mad and the UK Government has gone PC and health and safety crazy, making it difficult to keep up to date, but also making it even harder to run a small business.

My advice to all business owners is to buy in this advice and get expert employment law advice and guidance on health and safety,otherwise you could end up in court with a smaller bank balance or worse still, behind bars as director of the business that should have known better.

Of course employment law and health and safety are not the only law in business areas the directors need to be aware of and understand, as there are many rules and regulations that also need to be followed. For example, statutory rules and regulations that govern all limited companies in the UK must also be followed, but usually your accountant will help with these aspects.

Keep up to date with the law in business

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