Does my business need a blog?

To answer the question “Does my business need a blog?” then you need to look at how it can benefit you before deciding on whether you need one or not.

These days many businesses are adding a blog to their website, as they firstly acknowledge that it is a good traffic generation tool and it helps to tell your audience that you know what you are talking about…let me explain…

Every time you post a page on the internet you give yourself another opportunity of getting that page found on the internet by potential customers. It is worth researching key search terms for your business and your business products and services. Once you have researched this by using SEO tools like Wordtracker FREE keyword suggestion tool you can use these key words to create posts that will be searched for on the Internet and then find your site.

Once you have your “Key Phrases” which include your “Key Words” you can then start to build web pages based around these words. Using a blog for this purpose you can write articles based upon your key words, which will not only be found if they have been optimised correctly, but will also tell your customers more about that particular service.

In your article on the blog the title should include your “Key Phrase” and “Key Words” and then you should go on to include the same phrases within the article, some of which should be boldened and at least one of them linking off to your main website. This will help the search engines to index your page and thereby find you for the terms you desire.

If you do decide to have a blog associated with your business website then I suggest you use good blogging software like WordPress, which is what has been used to run this blog – and what is great is the software is FREE!

Once you decide to have a blog you must make sure that you keep the content up-to-date and you must make sure that you write articles on a regular basis – I would suggest at a very minimum of one per month, which would mean 12-articles per year, but even better one per week. You can get your employees to help with article ideas and topics and get them to help with writing them, so that you spread the load.

Does my business need a blog?

13 thoughts on “Does my business need a blog?

  1. I agree with the article. Blogs are the way to go for many types of online properties. However, the traffic is the major issue to solve for any domain owner.
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  2. Many people of today are using blogs as tool to get more traffic. It’s becoming more than a strategy.

  3. I find a blog to be the best tool I can use to promote new products and services for my business. It is easier than to ask your web developer to change a page everytime you introduce a new offer or discount. You can do it yourself in a few minutes and then send an email to your list of clients with a link to the blog post.

  4. Thanks for the info- it turns out Microsoft’s bing really is making an impact, it seems to me your blog is getting a lot of search engine traffic from bing- have you found this to be the case?

  5. Blog is the unique tool that helps you to drive not just random people on your site, but very qualify leads that show natural interest in your field. Plus it helps you to inform you visitors on your product/service updates in less formal way… nice post!

  6. Great info, I believe most businesses should have a blog, as it keeps customers intouch with the business they trade with and helps with relationship building. Allowing feedback is also a good move because it offers them a voice. Better to know there is a problem and do something about it, rather than trade on in the dark.

  7. A blog is just another tool in your arsenal! I don’t believe it should be used as the main crux of promoting your business.

  8. A blog with current information and regular updates, especially one built with WordPress is going to get much better rankings in the search engines than a plain business site with static data and contact information. It will also help generate traffic, especially if you can produce quality content.

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