Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Net worth

Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Net Worth

Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Net Worth
Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Net Worth

This article is about Dragons Den Sarah Willingham and how she amassed her current Net Worth. A celebrity entrepreneur who became famous after appearing on the UK’s Dragons Den.

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With a net worth of nearly $19 million, Sarah Willingham, is a British entrepreneur or better described as a mumpreneur, who also happens to be part of the Dragon’s Den.

She started out as a restaurant manager and went on to become one of the leading entrepreneurs in the food and drink industry. Dragons Den Sarah Willingham has no less than three leading brands under her management – The Bombay Bicycle club, The Real Greek and the Tootsies.

Listed as one of the most influential business persons by many magazines. She was also listed as part of the most successful women entrepreneurs below the age of 35, by The Sunday Times.

Sarah Willingham Net Worth is testimony to her hard work and to the smart investments made by this ‘Dragon lady‘.

Sarah Willingham’s education

Born in 1973, in Staffordshire, UK, Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham was very keen on her education.

She started counting her investments/savings in her early childhood days, thanks to her parents. She fondly recollects her mother asking her to keep tabs on her pennies, so that the pounds will take care of themselves.

Sarah Willingham Net Worth £19 Million – From Building Restaurant Businesses

At an early age (aged 13!), she started as a waitress in a café to help with her education. She continued her education across Oxford Brookes University, French Superieure de Commerce and Cranfield University. She holds two degrees and with an MBA to her credit.

Her fascination with running a business and the various leading brands, eventually motivated her to pursue her education. Her persistent passion with education has helped in her growth as a leading business adviser in the country. It has also helped her with making Sarah Willingham’s net worth a notable one.

Sarah Willingham Entrepreneur with a drive

Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Net Worth Entrepreneur with Drive
Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Net Worth Entrepreneur with Drive

Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham actually started out as a restaurant manager. However, like in the case of many entrepreneurs she quit her position to pursue her dreams of running her own business.

Her first venture was The Bombay Bicycle Club, a chain of six restaurants, which she purchased along with David Page. The business was struggling when Sarah took over. At the time she was also running low on funds, and yet she worked with intent, finally succeeding in converting this single restaurant into a successful chain of 17 restaurants.

The Bombay Bicycle Club was the start of many more investment opportunities for Sarah. She is the co-founder of The London Cocktail Club and is also part of the Craft Cocktail Company.

She also made a footprint in the health industry with her venture NutraHealth Plc, which was later sold to Elder Pharmaceuticals. There is never a period of lull in her investment career, and she has been truly an entrepreneur with a drive to succeed.

Sarah Willingham net worth, which is now at $19 million, is all thanks to her consistent and persistent efforts to make her mark as a restaurant entrepreneur.

A successful manager

Despite starting off modestly, Sarah made a name for being one of the most successful investor for her unrelenting efforts. While she sold-off her shares in her maiden venture The Bombay Bicycle Club, after turning it to a successful restaurant chain, she continues to remain as part of the board.

As an important board member, she oversees the restaurants, which are managed by the Clapham Group. These include The Tootsies, The Real Greek and of course The Bombay Bicycle Club.

Even in her earlier career phase, Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham was managing some of the leading high end food chains like Planet Hollywood and Pizza Express.

Dragons Den Sarah Willingham’s Net Worth began at an early age. She started working at the age of just 13

Sarah Willingham has been instrumental in opening many new branches of these restaurants across the country, expanding their chains.

She has also appeared in many different TV shows and channels, as guest star or as a financial adviser, even before she entered the Dragon’s Den show.

Sarah Willingham net worth is the resultant of many of her profitable investments and businesses, but also a result of her appearances in various shows like Dragon’s Den and other public appearances.

She is also quite active on social media, sometimes sharing her family times and most of the times giving financial advice to her friends and followers.

Sarah Willingham is an expert financial advisor

Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Expert Financial Adviser
Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Expert Financial Adviser

Sarah Willingham has been quite a prodigy when it comes to handling finances. She has had a clear vision on what she wanted to achieve and she has paved her way towards success, through sheer passion and hard work.

From starting out delivering newspapers to earn pocket money, through to investing in startups and helping them grow, she makes sound financial decisions.

Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham has had quite an experience with investments and financial management. The success can be seen from Sarah Willingham’s Net Worth, as it stands today.

She uses her knowledge to create awareness of sound financial management to the masses. You can find her comments, views and suggestions on various consumer and personal finance matters on programs like Sky News and The Wright Stuff.

Sarah Willingham’s husband

Sarah Willingham’s Husband holds an equal partnership and interest in her latest venture “Letssavemoney.com”, which aims to provide assistance to people in making smart decisions when it comes to managing money.

‘It is family first always!’ Says Sarah Willingham

When her Husband Michael had a cancer scare, she quit Dragons Den. She then went on a round-the-world trip with her family, which included her husband and 4 children. Below is a picture on Instagram Sarah shared just before setting off on their trip.

It is her keen business acumen, which helped her gain entrance into Dragon’s Den show. From appearing on the show, she invested in quite a few startups and promising businesses during her short time there. She seemed to invest jointly with Nick Jenkins too.

Investments Sarah Willingham made whilst on Dragons Den were as follows:

Investments in her own name:

  • Vitiliglow – £40,000 for 40% equity stake.
  • Grounded Body Scrub – £30,000 for a 45% equity stake.
  • Craft Gin Club – £75,000 investment for 12.5% stake in the business.

Investments Sarah Willingham holds jointly with other Dragons:

  • Sublime Science – £50,000 for 10% equity (a joint investment with Nick Jenkins)
  • Cocofina – £75,000 for a 20% equity (jointly with Nick Jenkins)
  • Love Me Beauty – £80,000 for 8% equity stake in the business (a joint investment with Nick Jenkins)

Sarah Willinghams net worth is the lowest of the entrepreneurs on Dragons Den…

Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Entrepreneur and Business Woman
Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Entrepreneur and Business Woman

Sarah Willingham net worth isn’t the highest of all the dragons on Dragons Den, but at more than $19 million, and with her attitude for ‘family-first’ this really doesn’t matter.

When she sold the Bombay Bicycle Club, it was running successful with nearly 17 restaurants across the nation. This was at a time when she had the potential to turn the count to nearly 50. And yet she sold the chain to the parent group, the Clapham Group, since she wanted to focus on her family.

To celebrity Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham, her family of 4 children and her husband are of the utmost priority.

Her first indulgence, which she herself acknowledges, is the traveling she does with her family. The Diamonds and the investments come much later in the list.

She says “I would never risk the security of my family.

Juggling family and entrepreneurship…

The fact that she is a successful entrepreneur and a millionaire, whilst juggling between a family of 4 children and an established enterprise of varying businesses, speaks volumes on her multi tasking capability and her smart work ethics.

She is a role model to many of those who are juggling work and life and are striving to be successful in their field. Sarah Willingham is a role model, not just to aspiring women -entrepreneurs, but also to all newbie and want-to-be-entrepreneurs.

She cites her upbringing as the reason for her smarter and positive outlook on life. Sarah Willingham wants to provide the same positive outset to her children as well. She is known not to compromise her family for any reason, business or pleasure.

It is all about people according to Sarah Willingham…

Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Entrepreneur its all about the people
Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Entrepreneur its all about the people

Sarah Willingham has had her share of ups and downs. She has learnt from her shortcomings, which has helped in making her more successful and gained her the current high net worth she has today.

According to her, it is not enough that you have the right product, to sell or the best USP in the market. She believes that what you actually need is the right people behind the product to make it really worthy and saleable.

Sarah has always been insistent on working with those who are self-motivated and know what they are doing in their business.

She looks for passionate entrepreneurs and supports them whole heartedly. She has made it quite clear that her investment into any business in Dragon’s Den will mostly be based on the commitment of the business owner and how it works between them.

An avid spender who trusts value

For a person, who gives financial advice, you’d be expecting Sarah Willingham to be stingy when it comes to parting with money. On the contrary, Sarah loves to spend. She also loves to invest, provided the product she is indulging in is worth spending on.

Sarah Willingham Net worth alows her to be an investor in startups

Apart from investing in promising startups, she also indulges in investing in diamonds and considers it to be a good asset for investment.

To her the value differs based on her priorities. For instance, she agrees that selling the Bombay Bicycle Club was not a profitable deal. Yet she considers that the value she derived, which is more time with her family, was worth the disinvestment.

Money and happiness are not related…

The above statement from someone who works primarily with money is definitely astounding. In the words of Sarah, when asked about money and happiness, “If you are already happy it makes you happier, as it gives you the freedom to control your life.”

The above line speaks volumes on the importance she places upon her family, education and then her career. She is quite insistent on education and dreams of having finance and money, as part of the primary school curriculum.

Having won several accolades for her skills as an entrepreneur, Sarah Willingham is a devoted mother. She lives with her husband, along with four children, in the countryside. She emphasizes more on enjoying the simpler things in life, rather than living a lavish lifestyle.

I wanted to end this article with another lovely photo shared by Sarah Willingham. This picture is another one with her Husband and family included Hello Magazine.

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Dragons Den Sarah Willingham Net worth

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