EcomRoad review (J R Fisher’s EcomRoad Course to get in on the eCommerce Gold-Rush)

A complete review of EcomRoad which is a course by J R Fisher and helps you to be successful in the eCommerce world using Shopify

EcomRoad review - J R Fisher's EcomRoad Course to get in on the eCommerce Gold-Rush
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EcomRoad review in 20 seconds…

The EcomRoad Course is a part of J R Fisher’s online eCommerce training course. The course is for those of you who are seeking to make money online from eCommerce by using Shopify as your store-front, and Facebook Ads to gain customers. You can either utilise the course to create a side-hustle in order to make an extra income to supplement your day job. Or alternatively, this course is for those of you looking to completely replace the day-job, get out of the rat-race and to be in a position to sack the boss! Let’s take a closer look…

Are you keen to become a success at eCommerce, whether or not you’ve tried it before? Have you tried to make money online in the eCommerce world, but failed so far to do so? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, this EcomRoad review will help you to decide whether this particular course is right for you. Let’s take a look…

What is EcomRoad + what to expect from this course + what does it do?

The EcomRoad Course is a part of J R Fisher’s online eCommerce training course. The course is for those of you who are seeking to make money online from eCommerce, using Shopify as your store-front and Facebook Ads for your customers. This can be to use the course to create a side-hustle to make an extra income to supplement your day job. Or alternatively this course is for those of you who are looking to completely replace the day-job, get out of the rat-race to be able to sack the boss!

Firstly, Fisher says you can do eCommerce selling online without inventory, with no technical or internet experience, and that you only need a computer with access to the internet. He claims the training course comes with video-base step by step guides in 8 fully comprehensive modules; which is combined with weekly live coaching calls, where your detailed questions are answered by an e-comm-expert. They also claim the course comes with access to the ‘now famous’ EcomRoad community and free access to their closed Facebook Group with an interaction with other EcomRoad members. But more importantly, the course is not claimed to be a “get-rich-quick scheme“.

So does this eCommerce training course really help you to make money online? Is this Online eCommerce Course any better than simply buying a book on Amazon instead? Let’s take a closer look…

Features of the EcomRoad web stats tool

The main features of the EcomRoad Course include the following:

  1. The EcomRoad Course comes with an extensive step-by-step and how-to video training course which includes 8 fully comprehensive modules.
  2. This eCommerce course comes with exclusive access to live coaching calls, where detailed questions about making money in eCommerce are answered.
  3. The EcomRoad course includes guides and checklists, plus access to J R Fisher’s personally selected list of contacts and resources to help your eCommerce journey along.
  4. The Profit Analyzer APP is a custom-app which you get with this course to check the profitability of a product and whether or not to move ahead with it or to dump it.
  5. EcomRoad Course can be accessed whether your using Mac’s, PC’s, mobile phone or iPads.

Let’s take a look at each of these course features in more detail.

1. The EcomRoad Course comes with an extensive step-by-step and how-to video training course which includes 8 fully comprehensive modules

  • Video training is much more time effective and a faster way to learn any subject. Which in this case is learning about eCommerce, selling online with a Shopify store and using Social media marketing as a source of traffic or customers.
  • Video instruction means you won’t have to put much effort into learning about eCommerce. The information is fed to you.
  • Watching videos is a much quicker way to learn than reading a manual. This means you’ll be building your Shopify eCommerce Store to make your first online-money in no time at all.
  • Videos are ready-made visualisations, which is what the human brain loves.
  • Instead of reading a book you can buy on Amazon, save time with the how-to video training course instead. But even if you go ahead and buy a book from Amazon, you might want to consider this course in any case, as these videos will complement and speed up your learning.
  • The EcomRoad course is broken down into easily understandable modules, which are then each broken down into separate course sections too. This approach makes the training easier to follow and will keep you on track.

2. This eCommerce course comes with exclusive access to live coaching calls where detailed questions about making money in eCommerce are answered

  • No matter how good the training is for whatever the course is teaching, there will always be those unanswered questions you have. This is where by having access to live coaching calls comes in. You are able to put your specific and detailed questions forward at these live coaching sessions to be answered.
  • But then you’ll also be able to learn from others too from the different questions they might ask. Perhaps other detailed questions you never thought of yourself at the time, but that may help you in the future when your online business progresses.
  • But even if you don’t have time to dial-in to any of the live coaching calls, they are recorded and posted onto the members area. The benefit of having access to these recordings is you can watch, listen and learn from them in any case, at your leisure.
  • But additionally, by having these recordings in the members area, you can watch and re-watch them at any time, just in case you missed anything the first time around.
  • Having access to the live coaching calls ensures you’ll have more success, plus they will stop you from getting stuck in your learning. These calls are there to encourage you and to keep you on-track with your eCommerce learning.

3. The EcomRoad course includes guides and checklists plus access to J R Fisher’s personally selected list of contacts and resources to help your eCommerce journey along

  • Access to written guides is great to have if you’re looking for specific detail about how to do something specific.
  • Checklists are also a great resource to have, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to follow a structured way of doing things.
  • Having written guides and checklists will make it easier to skim read the information, each time you need to refer to it.
  • A guide or checklist makes it easier to search for information using the table of contents or search facility.
  • Taking time to read about eCommerce from guides or checklists will ensure you have a better in-depth knowledge about the subject.
  • Reading about eCommerce will improve your long-term memory on the subject and provides back up to the video learning part of the course.
  • If your reason for wanting to buy an eCommerce book or a book on Shopify or using Facebook Ads from Amazon was because you like to read, having these guides and checklists are a good substitute. But with the added benefit of receiving the extensive step-by-step and how-to videos too.

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4. The Profit Analyzer APP is a custom-app which you get with this course to check the profitability of a product and whether or not to move ahead with it or to dump it

  • As an added bonus of signing up to this course is you receive a custom-app, the “Profit Analyzer APP“. The Profit Analyser App will help you to check the profitability of a product. It will help in your decision when you check whether or not to move ahead with the product, or to dump it and move on to the next product to test and sell.
  • This Profit Analyzer App on its own could end up paying for the cost of this course on its own. This is owed to the money you will save as a result of not attempting to sell unprofitable products you might have otherwise tried to sell without it.
  • The ability to find the ‘hottest‘ products to sell is an advantage when you’re selling on the internet. But also, knowing in advance whether or not a product is going to be profitable is key to your success. So not only will you learn how about where to find the best products to sell, but you’ll also be able to check the profitability of these products, but before you begin to sell them.

5. EcomRoad Course can be accessed on Mac’s, PC’s, mobile phone and iPads

Depending on your preference between Mac or PC, the EcomRoad Course has you covered. This is because the training can be accessed from any type of device. You can access the course from a PC or a Mac, but you can also access the EcomRoad Course from your mobile devices too, including iPhone’s, iPad’s and Android mobiles.

The pros and cons of the EcomRoad Course

What are the pros vs the cons of the EcomRoad Course?

The pros of EcomRoad Course

  • The information provided by the course is very easy to follow and understand so all you need is a computer and access to the internet.
  • As part of the course you receive entry to J R Fisher’s closed Facebook Group.
  • The course is comprehensive and is done using video, which is backed up by weekly live coaching calls, guides and checklists.
  • The information is easy enough to follow, which is even if you’re a complete beginner to eCommerce and never sold anything online before. But the course is also open to you if your experience is as an intermediate or an even if you’re a bit more advanced and you’re looking for tips and support, plus you like the idea of the Profit Analyzer APP!
  • You’ll save a significant amount of time and money doing the EcomRoad Course. From the link below, the course investment has been discounted by 91% over the regular price. To join EcomRoad it’s just $27 rather than $297, or this was certainly the case at the time of writing (check here to see if this discount is still available). But please note that this is a monthly recurring fee, for as long as you require the course and support.
  • The course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The cons of EcomRoad Course

  • EcomRoad Course only comes as an online portal, which means you need a computer or other device like an iPad to learn the course. But having said this, you will need both a computer and internet access to run your eCommerce business in any event.
  • The system is not available offline and cannot be downloaded.
  • The course only focuses on eCommerce using Shopify, when there are other mediums you can use to sell eCommerce products online. Other options would include using free online resources such as WordPress, combined with the free plugin resource Woocommerce instead, but this training is not included in this training course.
  • EcomRoad simply focuses on one Social Media traffic source, which is Facebook and Facebook Ads. You don’t therefore receive any training on other social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram. However, having said that, Facebook is one of the leading social media sites, with around 1.73 billion people on average logging in every daily! However, this potential limitation of the course has certainly not stopped J R Fisher from making millions with the strategies he teaches.

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Who is the EcomRoad Course suitable for?

Who is the EcomRoad Course suitable for
Note: Phillip Mathews is the USA started out with zero experience and yet still was able to make over $100k over three months with the knowledge he gained from EcomRoad

The EcomRoad Course is suitable if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • EcomRoad Course is for you if you are looking to make money online whether you are a complete beginner, know nothing at all about eCommerce and never sold anything online before in your life.
  • The course is also suitable if you are a bit more experienced at selling online, but where you might be struggling to make it work as it should. Or perhaps if you are looking for extra tips and techniques to help you make even more money online in eCommerce.
  • The eCommerce training is for those who have very little computer knowledge, as the techniques used are easy to set up. Plus the training comes with complete support and guidance making it easy to follow.
  • EcomRoad Course is for you if you’ve previously failed at eCommerce and failed to make money online. This includes your failed attempts for example at making money or selling on Amazon, or trying your hand at selling on eBay or failed using your own website to make money.
  • If you’re not getting the results you are seeking from your eCommerce website or blog, the EcomRoad Course will help you to find out where you might be going wrong.
  • If you’re the type of person who struggles to understand information, you don’t need to worry, as the information should be easily understood by complete beginners as well as those who are more advanced.
  • The course is for you, just so long as you are able to follow proven yet simple and easily repeatable steps.
  • EcomRoad is suitable for you even if you’re just a regular person who’s simply looking to start making money online, and to begin with you’re looking to bring home a few extra dollars per month by working in your your spare time to supplement your day-job.
  • The course is also for you if you’re looking for that job-replacing income. If ultimately you are looking to be able to choose what events you show up to in the future and to never have to work for anyone ever again, then this course is for you too.
  • This eCommerce training is also if your sights are slightly bigger. If you are looking for that 6-figure or 7-figure income, this course will set you on the right path to make your really big dreams come true!
  • EcomRoad is for you if you are averse to risk, but you want to have a business, as it requires a low upfront investment…i.e. no inventory is required!
  • It’s also for those of you who are impatient. If you need or want to get started quickly, but without having to learn the hard way or by not making those costly mistakes, the EcomRoad course is for you too.

The modules in EcomRoad Course

The modules in EcomRoad Course
Note: Phillip Mathews from the USA started out with zero experience and yet still was able to make over $100k over three months with the knowledge he gained from EcomRoad

The modules within EcomRoad include the following subjects:

  1. Introduction to the course: There is an introduction to the EcomRoad course at the beginning, as you’d expect.
  2. Setting and achieving goals: This is a good start to any course and will help you to stay focused in your eCommerce journey.
  3. Learning about Shopify: This section teaches you about Shopify, which is an easy to use and set up ecommerce solution. Shopify will help you to very easily create an ecommerce website, but without the need for any real technical knowledge. This great ecomm-tool comes with powerful tools to help you find customers and drive sales. This module within the course also helps to answer the question asked by many would-be online sellers; which type of store do you set up? Do you go for a mixed eCommerce store, which sells all kinds of products? Or do you set up a niche store selling only one type of product? But then there’s a section in this module on how to increase your Shopify conversions by between 20-30%.
  4. Facebook Ads: The EcomRoad training course teaches you to tap into and leverage the power of social media. The traffic is already there and people are already visiting Facebook on a daily basis, but how do you tap into this resource? But in particular using Facebook Ads. The ‘Facebook Fortune‘ module of the course includes sections on setting up a Facebook business page, how to spy on your competition and how to set up Facebook Ads.
  5. The Dynamics of Drop Shipping: EcomRoad teaches you the concept of Drop-shipping, which is an eCommerce technique that doesn’t require you to hold inventory or stock. This is one of the reasons why J R Fisher’s method of selling online with eCommerce is low risk, as the upfront investment in this method of selling using eCommerce is so low, because you’re not buying any upfront inventory to sell.
  6. How to provide amazing customer service: Providing an amazing customer service is what will keep your customers coming back to buy more. But a good customer experience will also mean they are more likely to recommend and share your store on social media too. This course teaches you how to provide this good service to your customers and how to communicate with people on social media too. But in addition, if you like to avoid the inevitable boring tasks of any business, the course includes how to set up a virtual assistant to avoid this pain.
  7. Top Apps for your Shopify store: One of the great resources within Shopify is the many Apps you can easily ‘plug-in‘ to your eCommerce store. As a beginner you’ll not know which Apps are best for your eCommerce store, but this course will teach you the best ones to use.
  8. Additional resources: Within the additional resources section you have access to the Digital Cash Academy and the Web Cash Academy, plus some ‘done for you‘ services.

In addition to the above eight modules, there are also the bonus sections, one of which is the ‘Product Profitability App’ – Profit Analyzer APP.

EcomRoad Course review conclusion

  • This has to be one of the best value for money eCommerce courses on the market. With a very low entry price of just $27 (all be it a monthly subscription), this is great value for money for what you get access to.
  • EcomRoad is a simple, effective and an easy to follow training course, which is even true if you’ve never sold anything on the internet before. This is true even if you have zero technical experience or knowledge of the internet, it doesn’t matter.
  • The course is also for you if you’re looking to make it big in the eCommerce world, by using tried and tested techniques that work.
  • The course information is not about theory and all the guess work has been taken out. Which means you get access to the practical success techniques that J R Fisher uses himself which has allowed him to make millions online.
  • If you are able to follow proven simple and easily repeatable steps, then this course is for you. If you want to know what it feels like to get that first online sale, this course will take you there faster than if you go it alone.
  • This course will help you if you don’t have much money to invest in a new online business.
  • The course material is written and taught by J R Fisher who is someone who has made millions online from eCommerce himself since 2010. Which means you’re going to be learning from someone who knows what he is doing. It’s not just theory, but real practical lessons!
  • Put simply, if you are able to read and follow simple instructions, you’ll be able to make money online with this eCommerce training course.
  • You are given a 30-day money back guarantee.



Time to reflect with six important questions to ask yourself

I thought it would be useful to ask you a few final questions to help you to reflect on what you’ve read about a training course that helps you to begin to make money online or to help you to improve what money you are already making. But more importantly extra considerations when you’re reading this EcomRoad review and whether it’s right for you.

Extra considerations to think about:

  1. Would you like to speed up how quickly you make money online using eCommerce?
  2. If you want the luxury to travel the world to exotic places, but still have money coming in and no boss to report back to, then EcomRoad will give you that ticket to this type of lifestyle.
  3. Are you keen to avoid the many failures and costly mistakes that most people make when starting out trying to make money online for the first time.
  4. Are you in need of help with finding the right money-making techniques for your eCommerce niche?
  5. Do you need help with finding your niche and how to select the right products to sell.
  6. Do you want learn how to create and test Facebook Ads to avoid costly advertising spend?
  7. Would you like to save $1,000’s by having access to an eCommerce training course that’s all in one place, which is currently offered at a 91% discount on the regular price?
  8. Are you able to afford to invest $27 (assuming this discount is still available) per month in the EcomRoad Course? Or should I ask, can you afford not to invest your online training?

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EcomRoad review (J R Fisher’s EcomRoad Course to get in on the eCommerce Gold-Rush)

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