Find marketing partners

A marketing partner is another business which can complement your business or help to refer new customers your way in exchange for reciprocal referrals.

A good example of this is if you leave some of your leaflets in the sales area of a fellow business, preferable in the same town or area as your business and in exchange you have their leaflets in your reception area.

To take this concept a little further you could introduce promotional schemes; for example…you could put on your sales literature “When you buy a pizza you get 20% discount off of XYZ video store”. At the same time as you offering this you can get XYZ video store to offer a similar promotion so that when a customer rents a video they will get 20% off pizzas at ABC pizza store.

If you tie people in like this you are more likely to get customers from the video store visiting the pizza shop and visa-versa…thereby both businesses will benefit. Many a time when someone gets a takeaway they will also want to watch a video, so this is a great fit for a pizza type business.

If you do not own a video store or indeed a pizza shop, then I am sure you can think of some great complimentary business links to your company. I suggest you go and speak with the business owners to see if you can do a deal or two!

Find marketing partners

13 thoughts on “Find marketing partners

  1. Finding a marketing partner is a good approach especially if your are just trying to start a business. But it can be risky, if you do not know personally your partner. Find someone you really know and trust.

  2. You can’t live wihout join ventures or getting help from someone from the same niche as you are.
    But many people don’t believe in JV.
    Of course before you do that you need to find a genuine business , not a scam site or con artist.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. You can use this method with incentive programs. “Try This X and get want you want for Free Y” which usually results in more cash than you would usually make. I see many video sharing sites use this method and I think they do pretty well.

  4. Great way to also build community by supporting other businesses. This can also be a pretty inexpensive way to promote your brand while supporting others.

  5. Thanks for sharing with us this information, very nice post. I am sure that the marketing its very important in all types of businesses. I most of cases 90 % is marketing and 10% the product. A good marketing strategy can bring to you a lot of clients, we only need hard work!

  6. Great post, this is probably the most effective way to drive new customers to your business, without having to put in too much effort! Creating offers is also a brilliant idea as it will usually ensure that that new customers will remain faithful.

  7. Yeah but even when the two sides concerned are competitors in several fields there probably is some place left for cooperation, except when we’re talking about the big players.

  8. Don’t forget too that this concept can apply equally to online businesses (or offline businesses with an online presence). Indeed, as long as the two sites concerned are not direct competitors there can be considerable advantages to sending visitors to each other.

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