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In-business has given an incentive to attract new members to the new Business Forum.

F1 – Business to business discussions

F2 – Marketing, advertising and business PR

F3 – Press release and advertising

F4 – Business networking

F5 – Accounting and legal advice

F6 – Cash flow and business planning

F7 – Search engine optimisation SEO

And plenty more topics to choose from and join the discussions.

Business advice forum for small and large businesses. We welcome all-comers to join in with our business to business discussions.

So whether you have a small business or you are a director of a Public Company (PLC) and would like to join in we welcome all views. Different perspectives on the same discussion are always interesting to read and everyone should then be able to benefit from other people’s experience and knowledge of business.

7 thoughts on “Business forum pages

  1. Ok so by popular demand – I have resurrected a business forum that is now back up and running – enjoy and get posting!!

  2. Nothing to see here. Seems a bit of a waste of time keeping the site up, if all that happens is people say it doesn’t work, and the owner says yeah I know.

  3. You could instead leave the already existing pages and only remove/close login section and registration. There was lots of useful information that now is gone. P.S. There will always be spammers. That is why a team of people to help maintaining the forum would be grate 🙂 If you need a hand I can help. 😉

    Best regards. Hope you will change your mind some day 🙂

    1. Hi Peet, thank you for your message and good thoughts. But at present this isn’t something I intend to change. Cheers.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thank you for pointing this out – I closed the forum, as it took too much to monitor and it was full of spammers and time wasters, although I kept this page thinking I may start a new one, but in a slightly different way.

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