Igor Ledochowski Course Review (Scam or Not a Scam?)

Is the Money In Your Mind Course a scam or is it genuine? A review of the course and Igor Ledochowski or Igor Alexanda

Igor Ledochowski Course Review - Money In Your Mind
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This article is a review of Igor Ledochowski’s Money In Your Mind course and looking at whether he or the course is a scam, or not.

Quick fire answer to: is Igor Ledochowski is not a scam. He’s a gentleman and a real entrepreneur. Also, a review of Igor Ledochowski’s Money In Your Mind course shows this is not a scam either. If you’re looking for financial freedom and to become independently wealthy, this course is definitely for you. If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not that. But if you are looking for a course that’s full of content and includes mind exercises to help you get to financial freedom and wealth, then this course is definitely for you.

Igor Ledochowski scam or not?

So let’s get this bit out of the way first. Is Igor Ledochowski a scammer or not?

Certainly not, Igor Ledochowski is not a scam. Although I’ve not met him personally, I have purchased his course ‘Money in the Mind‘and I have to say he comes across as a real English gentleman. Igor Ledochowski is as far from a scam artist as you can get.

This is the part I wanted to get out of the way first, as I know some have said it’s a scam. Probably those that have never bought his course before. Possibly those that are jealous of a man who’s made millions from his hard work and creativity.

So now that I’ve set that record straight for those of you who were worried, let’s take a look at the course and review the contents. The Igor Ledochowski course review is on his Money in the Mind course.

This is his course that he recorded in a $16 million dollar mansion in the Bahamas. He is teaching a group of people, who range from the very wealthy to the not so wealthy. With some in between, who are looking to become wealthy, but more importantly financially free.

Igor Ledochowski course review – Money in the Mind course review

The course is mostly video based. It is a recording of his time spent with nine people, recorded in the Bahamas.

If all you wanted was to find out was whether this course was a scam or not, then as I’ve now expelled that fear, please go ahead and buy the course.

You’ll find it here to buy: ‘Money In Your Mind.’ Important note: This link is an affiliate link and I will earn a commission from Igor’s company if you buy from this click. You will not pay any more for the course by clicking to it from this link either.

These nine people were hand picked from a large list of 650 who applied to be on the program. The whole program was recorded, and this is how the course works. See the video below, as this is a sneak preview of what to expect from the course.

Sneak peak at ‘Money In Your Mind’ course content

The program was delivered over two full days. But for you, the course you can buy is broken down into 15 manageable lessons or program modules.

I have provided a list of the 15 program modules below:

  • #1 Lesson – The Wealth Blueprint That Makes You Rich (6 videos: Includes ‘The Poverty Virus,’ ‘The Poverty Guard;’ plus 2 MEMEs see below)
  • #2 Lesson – How To Automatically Raise Your ‘Inner Wealth Ceiling‘ (6 videos: Includes Igor’s story part 1, what money is, money in the mind and creating value; plus 2 MEMEs)
  • #3 Lesson – Destroy The Poverty Virus So Wealth Can Flourish (6 videos: Includes Igor’s story, destroying debt and how cash costs money; plus 1 MEME)
  • #4 Lesson – The Easy Way To Tap Your Own Financial Genius (6 videos: Including frugality, real happiness, Chinese chess; plus 1 MEME)
  • #5 Lesson – How To Grow Your Wealth On Autopilot (5 videos: Including compound interest and saving first, plus 2 MEMEs)
  • #6 Lesson – Finally! The Money Machine That Sets You Free (3 videos: Including the 8 envelopes, which is a great concept and one you need to learn if you’re in debt, plus 2 MEMEs)
  • #7 Lesson – Hollywood’s Nasty Conspiracy To Keep You In Debt (6 videos: Including the poverty mindset and the wealth formula; plus 2 MEMEs)
  • #8 Lesson – How To Really Make Money While You Sleep (6 videos: Including financial freedom and passive income; plus 2 MEMES)
  • #9 Lesson – “Wealth Traps” That Cost You Money (5 videos: Including Easy ways to riches; plus 1 MEME)
  • #10 Lesson – Money Systems – Your Rock-Solid Key To Long-Term Wealth (6 videos: Including the value game and case study 1; plus 2 MEMES)
  • #11 Lesson – A Simple Mental Shift That Turns Ideas Into Instant Cash (5 videos: Including two more case studies and some easy business ideas; plus 1 MEME)
  • #12 Lesson – The Most Important Predictor For Lasting Wealth Ever Discovered (6 videos: Including the wealth lifestyle and fail to succeed; plus 2 MEMES)
  • #13 Lesson – The Best Way To Speed Up Getting Rich (5 videos: Including crab mentality and self delusions; plus 1 MEME)
  • #14 Lesson – The Money In Your Mind – Advanced Secrets (6 videos: Including mind filters and value filters; plus 2 MEMES)
  • #15 Lesson – The Real Secret To Wealth: What Separates Billionaires From Millionaires (5 videos: Including generosity and gratitude; plus 2 MEMES)

Money In Your Mind lesson module content

As already mentioned above, the two day program of Igor Ledochowski teaching nine chosen people was recorded. This recording is broken down into the above 15 lessons. You’ll see from the above summary and review of the modules how much information you’ll be presented with.

You almost feel like you’re in the room with him and the others. The only difference is that you can’t ask questions directly. However, there is a support email where you can ask questions.

The great way in which Igor presents his wealth making course, he makes everything very easy to follow. It’s all extremely straight forward, so don’t worry if you’re not too well up on money or financials.

There’s nothing too complicated in any of the course. In my opinion I’d say that almost anyone could do this course. But more importantly, probably 95% of the population would benefit from this course.

Why 95% you may ask? Well on the basis that what Igor teaches is what the 5% of the worlds population of truly wealthy people practice, then the other 95% of the worlds population should at least learn something of value.

Most, if not all, should be able to follow everything that Igor teaches. He has a very mild mannered way about him and explains everything extremely well.

Mind training exercises MEMEs or Money Expanding Mind Exercises

In addition to the lesson recording videos, you also get what’s referred to as ‘Money Expanding Mind Exercises,’ or MEMEs too.

On the basis that what holds us all back from building wealth or from becoming financially free is our own mind, it makes sense to take advantage of Igor Ledochowski’s knowledge and understanding of hypnosis and psychology.

What is a MEME?

Igor refers to these as money expanding mind exercises, as they will help you to expand your money, at the same time as expanding your mind.

These MEMEs are listened to in a relaxed state of hypnosis. They cover various topics from the first one which is about relaxing the mind, or ‘Relax Into Riches.’ These run through to the ones included with lesson #15 which provide a morning MEME and an evening MEME.

The idea is that you listen to a section of the course on the video and then get yourself relaxed and listen to the related MEME or MEMEs.

These MEMES are designed to ‘prepare your mind for absolute success‘, in the words of Igor.

Why is it important to prepare your mind or use mind training?

You may ask why is it important to prepare your mind? The answer is that the only thing that holds any of us back is our minds. It’s how we think, but then how we behave as a result of how we think that stops us from becoming wealthy.

Igor explains that rich people think differently. He also explains, ‘the way you think will change the way you feel, ‘the way you think and feel will change the way you behave,’ ‘your behaviours over time become your habits,’ ‘your habits are what determine your destiny.’

So basically what you have in your life right now is based upon how you’ve been behaving in the last 10, 20, 30 years or more. But it’s never too late to change.

I love the MEMEs though. Not only are these great for helping you to change how you think. They are extremely relaxing too. They are like a form of meditation actually, sometimes I fall asleep when I listen to them…whoops. But that goes to show how relaxing they are.

Is Igor Ledochowski’s Money In Your Mind a get rich quick scheme?

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, ‘Money In Your Mind‘ is not for you. In fact at the outset Igor Ledochowski tells the group in the multi million dollar mansion that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

Money In Your Mind is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead it’s a well thought out course on how to become financially free and wealthy.

Instead what this course does teach you is first how to become financially free, but then how to become rich too. He makes a distinction between being wealthy and rich and being financially free.

Igor Ledochowski explains how important it is to achieve financial freedom first. Once this has been achieved, you’ll find it much easier to go on to be wealthy.

Who is the Money In Your Mind course for?

I’ve already made reference to the 95% of the world population. However, there are people who truly don’t want to be wealthy. So when I talk about the 95%, these are the people who would benefit from Igor’s course, but not all those will want to do it.

So to narrow this down, what I’d say is that if you don’t fall into the 5% of the richest people on the planet, and you want to educate yourself on money, creating wealth, creating value, becoming financially free and being truly happy, the Money In Your Mind course is worth looking at.

Works if you’re employed or self-employed

It doesn’t matter whether you are employed or self employed and running your own business, there’ll be at least one nougat you will learn.

It also doesn’t matter how much you earn from whatever you do. Igor tells a story about a lady who doesn’t earn very much, but managed to amass over $4.5 million dollars. He also explains about a plastic surgeon who is earning well over a million dollars per year, but is as far from financial freedom as most people around the world are.

There will be many light bulb moments during his lessons. You will learn loads, but then these ideas are cemented in your mind with the MEMEs. As far as I know, Igor Ledochowski’s Money In Your Mind course is the only one of its kind. There are many other wealth creation courses, or course on how to become financially free, but there are none that I’ve come across that back the training up with solid mind work too.

What does financial freedom mean?

Igor explains the importance of financial freedom. He explains that the key to being financial free is not about being rich.

But instead it means that you don’t ever have to work again, as all your living costs are covered by your income. But if you chose to work, you can. You are more likely to do something you love doing if you are financially free than when you’re not. You are more likely to take whatever job comes along when you have a mortgage or rent to pay.

Although I knew this before myself, how he explains it really helps you to understand the importance of this first step to becoming truly wealthy. It’s about making a difference between the two, i.e. financial freedom and being wealthy.

This part of the course is worth the money on its own!

Be aware of the ‘I already know’ syndrome which will prevent you from becoming financially free and wealthy

Igor explains how there are many reasons why people are held back from being truly wealthy. Which is mostly all in the mind, hence the name of the course.

However, I know that I’ve been guilty of this one myself. I’ve been on courses and thought ‘I already know that.’ This internal dialogue can and will hold you back. If you already know it, but are not wealthy or financially free, something is not right.

There are many little gems like this one hidden within the course.

Find out more on the Money In Your Mind Course

If you are interested in the Money In Your Mind course by Igor Ledochowski (or Igor Alexander as he’s also known), you can find out more here. Money In Your Mind course. Please note this course still talks about DVDs and CDs on the page you link to, but the course is now all online.

60-day money back guarantee

He also offers a 60 day money back guarantee too. Let me also share one other thought about Igor’s company too.

When I bought the course, I was expecting a delivery. As I thought it was coming from America, I was being patient when the course hadn’t arrived some four weeks later. When this hadn’t arrived by this time, I emailed Igor’s company. I received a quick response saying that I should have had an email with a link to the online course.

Somehow this email had gone astray, so they re-sent this to me with my login details. I had already ‘wasted’ a month of my 60 day money back guarantee period. So I emailed to ask if this period could be extended, not that I intended to ask for my money back, but to allow me good time to get through the course and to evaluate it.

Needless to say they were happy to extend this period. But I didn’t ask for a refund, as the course is excellent and worth every dollar spent.

An online course

The course is therefore all online and you have a portal to login to. You are able to download the course material in PDF format. There are two PDFs for each section of the course. The first is a complete transcript of Igor explaining each section of the course. The second PDF of the course is an executive summary of the course.

I wish you all the success if you decide to go ahead and purchase your copy of the Money In Your Mind course. Let me have some feedback too in the comments below, either if you’ve already done the course like me, or go ahead as a result of this review of the course.

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Igor Ledochowski Course Review (Scam or Not a Scam?)

2 thoughts on “Igor Ledochowski Course Review (Scam or Not a Scam?)

  1. I just canceled my membership to the Hypnosis Lab. I do believe Igor Ledochowski is brilliant and talented. However, the company that runs his online business is at best incompetent and at worst, fraudulent. Their reviews on Glassdoor indicate the latter. It may or may not be operating with IL’s input.
    My first indication of scammy behaviour, I received a phone call and followup email when I visited a registration page for a course offering. I just visited the page without registering or completing any form. Creepy.
    Next, my card on file expired and there was no way to renew in my Account interface. I assumed they would just cancel my membership or send me an email with instructions. But instead they emailed and asked me to call them so I could provide my card information over the phone. Who does that? When I replied to the email, it bounced. Then I received a phone call which left a message warning me of cancelation. Again, why is there not simply an interface for renewing online? I am a web developer. It costs very little to offer this capability.
    I called to say I was not comfortable giving my card online. The man said people do it all the time. Seriously? He said he could send me a link to renew which I never received.
    I have emailed them to cancel (different email). This has been a very nasty experience. I do not normally deal with charlatans. It is unfortunate as I would like to continue to learn from IL but not at the cost of my personal identity.

  2. I’ve actually never heard of Igor Ledochowski, but it seems that he has got a very bad reputation. So, thankfully, you’ve cleared that up and shared some true, helpful insights. Thanks for sharing!

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