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This article is about a type of entrepreneur that even Google Keyword Tools doesn’t yet recognise, which is about an interpreneur. An interpreneur, or Internet-Entrepreneur is an online entrepreneur. These are people who create online businesses to make money.

Main sections of this article on interpreneur:

Also, this term is not yet defined on Wikipedia. So although internet entrepreneurs like Simon Coulson and Andrew Reynolds have been around for a while, the term has not yet caught up on the internet.

For full disclosure, this link and the other links to Simon Coulson and the Internet Business School on this page are affiliate links. This means that I will get a commission if you decide to purchase from him.

I have done Simon Coulson’s Internet Business Course myself and I highly recommend it to any one considering an online business. Having said that, in today’s business world the internet plays such an important role to the success of any business, so I’d also recommend his course for all businesses looking for a successful online presence too.

Both Simon and Andrew are Internet Marketers. They have both done extremely well. Each of them have gone from ordinary people working out of their back room, to making multiple millions in profits. They both did this by creating online products and services.

Why the article on interpreneur?

Interpreneur - Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

What prompted me to write this article was reading an article by Adel de Meyer. Her article was about the reasons people fail online and how to avoid the mistakes. In this article Adel talks about many things, but the point that strikes a cord with me is ‘choosing the wrong niche’. Or how I’d prefer to see it: Choosing the right niche about something you’re passionate about. But chose a niche where a market exists, in order to make money online. This is the essence of an interpreneur.

Passion is something I’ve talked about before. This subject came up in my article about teepreneurs. Also, I spoke about choosing a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life…

To be a successful interpreneur is about finding a profitable niche…

To be a successful interpreneur is about finding a profitable niche

To become an internet-entrepreneur or an interpreneur is about finding a profitable niche. However, it helps if this niche is about a subject you love. Your niche should be your passion. If you create a business around your passion, it won’t feel like work.

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I’ve spoken to many an entrepreneur who have built hugely successful businesses, and most if not all, are passionate about what they do.

In my most recent article about Robert Herjavec net worth, I have quoted him with “Everybody who I’ve met who wants to build a great business has a burning passion and desire to be great at something.” He adds to this with: “Nobody starts a great business for a pay cheque.”

From bitter experience, where a business is not a passion, it will never truly be successful. But more importantly for the entrepreneur, it’ll not be fun or enjoyable. I think the person who puts it best is teen entrepreneur Benjamin Kickz…his quote puts it like this: ‘The root of all evil ~ focus on getting money and none will come ~ focus on your passion and you’ll get rich.

So what are the fundamentals of an interpreneur?

Interpreneur - What are the fundamentals of an interpreneur

The fundamentals of becoming an interpreneur include the following:

  • Have an interest in starting your own internet business.
  • Find a niche with a big enough audience to be profitable.
  • Create a product or service that people need or want.
  • Preferably create the product or service around a niche you love…a hobby, an interest, or an expertise you hold or have experience of.
  • Build a website to sell the product or service.
  • Market the product or service.

Apart from finding a profitable niche with a big enough audience around a product or service that people need, the key to becoming a successful interpreneur is about generating traffic. To be a success, you’ll need to be able to master search engine optimisation or SEO. You will also need to understand social media and the art of creating video content.

To be a successful internet-preneur you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset…

To be a successful internet-preneur you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset

However, above all you’ll need to have an entrepreneurial mindset to succeed. So what are the entrepreneurial mindset characteristics you need to possess?

  • You take action.
  • You’re resourceful.
  • You love a challenge.
  • You’re willing to fail.
  • You’re willing to take a risk.
  • Be willing to work hard and potentially long hours.
  • Be willing to do whatever it takes.

Above all others characteristics with the above traits for an interpreneur, which the same is true for all entrepreneurs, is ‘taking action’. An idea or a dream without action will remain just that…an idea. If you take action your idea or dream will become a reality.

Plus if you fail, learn from it and try again. But, you may succeed and you may make money from something you love to do. This is the holy grail of all business, to be paid for something that doesn’t feel like work.

Simon Coulson has made over £20 million from being an interpreneur…

Interpreneur - Simon Coulson - owner of the Internet Business School

Simon Coulson has made over £20 million from Internet Marketing. It all began with a book about investing in Bulgaria. Simon is a down to earth entrepreneur, who began his career as a BT engineer.

When he was made redundant from BT, this is where his life changed for ever. Starting out from his bedroom, he began to sell products online. He quickly progressed from his first product to many more.

Simon is not afraid to get stuck in – he takes action and he uses the term ‘Shoot…Aim…Fire.‘ This term has stood him in good stead since he began his online businesses some 12-13 years ago.

Simon Coulson now teaches others what he knows through the Internet Business School. A fantastic course, which provides all the tools and resources you’ll ever need to succeed yourself as an interpreneur.

Never give up, believe in yourself and work hard. If you are interested in becoming an interpreneur at the Internet Business Schoolplease go to this link.

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