Involve your employees in your business

You may be saying – but I do involve my employees in my business…but do you?

Of course your employees to do the work of the business and the employees, with the right direction, make any business great as it expands, but there are not many business owners that involve their employees in helping with important decisions.

I would suggest that you ask them their opinion on various expansion ideas or where you are looking at introducing new products or services get their input on this.

Also, ask them how to improve on customer service, especially those employees that are on the front line, as it were…as these are the ones that are dealing with the customers directly and are therefore likely to give you some of the best feedback.

Never be scared of getting the opinions of your employees and remember that most people work better with their own ideas than on ideas that have been forced upon them from a-high!

A good way of doing this is to have regular group meetings with your employees…if you are a small business then there is no reason why this could not involve all employees of the business, but you may have to do this after hours otherwise there will be no one to run the business whilst you are all in a meeting. I would suggest putting on some drinks and eats in the meeting and make it fun and enjoyable so that they all enjoy the experience…thereby you will get the best out of them.

If your business is a larger company with too many employees to meet in one sitting, consider breaking this up into smaller meetings and perhaps get someone to volunteer from each group meeting to come forward to meet together to discuss their individual ideas.

The benefit of this system is not only will it produce great ideas to take your business forward, but it will also help to make it more independent of you the business owner.

Involve your employees in your business

9 thoughts on “Involve your employees in your business

  1. this is the key of most business.. well in my opinion, to have a successful business you have to get really united with your workers.. make them all feel important..that really helps

  2. I believe that business owners should involve their employees in the decision-making process, especially when it comes to important decisions.

  3. I think that to be able to run a good business you have to get along with all your employees.. what’s better than to get along with the people who work for you .. that definitely could lead to an improvement in their job performance..

  4. I will try to follow this my grandpa said sometimes we have to give the best to our employees to receiv the best from them too.

  5. I’ve found that my employees almost always come through when times are tough with ways to boost customer service and business. Give them the authority to make decisions and watch them
    help you through the tough times.

  6. Top advice here, involving employees will not only create good ideas but also boost morale, respect and ultimatley ensure that they’re working to maximum potential, meaning you’ll really be able to achieve the best results!

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