John Crestani net worth (John Crestani’s net worth is north of $7.5 million!)

John Crestani net worth is estimated at over $7.5 million (£6 million)

Straight talking John Crestani has a net worth probably north of $7.5 million. But there’s no information to prove this. However, from the hype and information on the Internet, it’s clear he has made millions so far in affiliate commissions.

John Crestani net worth - John Crestani's net worth is north of $7.5 million

John Crestani net worth is likely to be north of $7.5 million. I’ve been very conservative in this estimate and it’s likely to be higher. Bearing in mind he makes $250-500,000 per month in affiliate sales. So unless he’s spending every penny of his wealth he generates from online marketing, he will have accumulated a high net worth.

Who is John Crestani and how did he start out?

John Crestani was bored at college in 2008. He felt he wasn’t learning anything and had no direction in his life. At this point he still had two years left of the college course.

It was at this point in his life that he took a year out to go to Thailand. One of the books he took with him was the “4-Hour Work Week” written by Tim Ferris. The book is essentially about how you can have “location-Freedom” and “Time Freedom” running an internet business.

Learnt about affiliate marketing and run a business from anywhere in the world

As a result of reading Tim Ferris’s book, John Crestani realised he run an affiliate marketing business from anywhere in the world. He discovered how he didn’t have to be a slave to the ‘mad money’ as he describes it with reference to stock signals and making money trading stocks and shares.

It was in this moment that he wanted to be successful…he didn’t want to be a failure.

You have to start at a place from freedom…starting with freedom I think is better than starting in slavery and trying to work yourself out.”

Quote by John Crestani – Creator of the Super Affiliate System (previously Internet Jetset)

John Crestani affiliate marketing – Super Affiliate System creator

John Crestani’s net worth has been created mostly out of his success in affiliate marketing. Crestani describes affiliate marketing as a really simple business model. He explains that all you’re doing is selling ‘stuff‘ for people. As a result of selling stuff for people, you get a commission for it.

Crestani describes affiliate marketing as ‘really easy‘. Which it is in principle, but there’s stuff to learn and the best way to learn would be go take a course. In fact John Crestani has a course that teaches exactly how to be an affiliate marketer.

He teaches in his Super Affiliate System the same techniques that created his wealth and current high net worth.

Choosing products to sell is about going to something like an affiliate network, like ClickBank. On ClickBank there are hundreds of products to sell and make affiliate commission from. You take a product from ClickBank, be it about skin care or weight loss or whatever niche works for you and promote it. This is all that John Crestani has done to make his current net worth in the millions.

John Crestani Forbes

Due to his huge success at making money online, John Crestani was written about in Forbes. The Forbes article about John Crestani was how a 28 year old got fire then built a $500k a month business while traveling the world.

The article explains how his journey to success wasn’t all plain sailing. Crestani had his set-backs.

John Crestani’s first failure in his online business journey

John Crestani’s first online business failure was when he started out selling on eBay. This first venture brought in around $1,000-2,000 per month, not a bad side hustle.

That venture brought him $1,000 to $2,000 per month, and a call from PayPal’s security team. There was a problem with the business model: Crestani was selling products PayPal didn’t approve of. His PayPal account was shut down and that business shuttered.”

Forbes – John Crestani a 28 year old got fired and built a $500k a month business

John Crestani’s second failure in his online business journey

Not to be put off from his determination for success, John Crestani continued his online business journey. But this time he began a business and used his technical know-how to acquire test answers to every online course for every major from his university.

However, this second business came to an abrupt end when the universities discovered he acquired the test answers through illicit means.

It was in despite of his failures that John Crestani never lost sight of his ultimate goal…but it took his being fired from a real job he took with a firm that specialised in pay per click advertising to push him to ultimate success and wealth.

The 4-Hour Workweek kept hustle on my mind. It planted the seed, the idea that you don’t need to trade time for money.”


If you’d like to find out more about John Crestani’s course on how to make money online just like he does, he runs a free webinar to teach you about affiliate marketing.

You can find out more by clicking this link below.

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John Crestani net worth (John Crestani’s net worth is north of $7.5 million!)

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