Lady Michelle Mone

Lady Michelle Mone

Lady Michelle Mone - Entrepreneur
Lady Michelle Mone – Entrepreneur

This article is about the British-borne entrepreneur Lady Michelle Mone, owner and creator of the Ultimo Bra Brand.  A celebrity entrepreneur who’s known and admired by many.

Up until 2015 she was a part of this lingerie brand, either when it was owned by MJM International or in partnership with Sri Lankan based MAS Holdings under Ultimo Brands International Ltd.

So who is Lady Michelle Mone?

Originally borne in Glasgow, Scotland she left school at an early age of just 15. After selling out of the Ultimo Brand of bras, Mone has become a guest speaker and a women’s fashion advocate.

In fact she is speaking at the London 2017 National Achievers Congress in July 2017 as one of the keynote speakers.

Lady Mone is the Baroness of Mayfair OBE, and has turned into one of the most sought after inspirational speakers in the UK. In fact, she has been voted as the UK’s number 1 woman speaker.

A leader in her own right as an woman-entrepreneur or womanpreneur, but is also an advocate for women’s equality in business.

She is now the Start-Up Business Tsar to the British Government and is a multi award-winning entrepreneur. In fact when you turn to her website, she simply refers to herself as an entrepreneur on her entrepreneur page.

Where did it all begin for Baroness Michelle Mone
Where did it all begin for Baroness Michelle Mone

Where did it all begin for Baroness Michelle Mone?

After Mone left school aged 15 to help care for her father who became wheel-chair bound, she soon began her entrepreneurial journey as a woman in business.

Her first business was in the lingerie business. This startup business was launched by Lady Michelle Mone after she attended a dinner dance whilst wearing an uncomfortable bra.

After establishing herself as one of Scotland’s leading export businesses, she won the World Young Business Achiever Award in 2000. Which seems apt now when she is a speaker at the National Achievers Congress and giving back…although I’m sure she’s getting paid fairly handsomely for her speaking slot there.

From entrepreneur to a mentor…

Lady Michelle Mone is also now a mentor. As already mentioned she is a speaker, having spoken to audiences totaling more than 1 million people. Her mentor skills and expertise lie in branding, marketing, leadership and innovation.

Her very first speaking event was on the same stage as former US president Bill Clinton, which lead her to setting up the Women’s Enterprise Project in the Middle East.

As a speaker she commands one of the highest paid-for-speaker-rates of £25,000 per appearance.

Other entrepreneurial projects from Lady Mone…

After selling her stake in Ultimo she established a fake-tan business UTan & Tone. This all happened in 2015 when she resigned from Ultimo Brands International Ltd. At this time saying she has ‘Hung up her bra and sold 80% of Ultimo’.

She refers to her time with the lingerie business as a roller-coast-ride, and looked to begin a new chapter in her life.

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Lady Michelle Mone

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