List of small business ideas

If you are considering setting up in business and you are not sure what to do then how about a list of businesses you could begin – so here is a list of small business ideas:

– An online business selling products using a drop-shipping company – like umbrellas or women’s shoes or perhaps perfumes.
Become a plumber – even during a slow-down plumbers seem to be in demand and can earn significant sums.
– Set up take away business selling pizzas or burgers – in a slow down these types of business always prosper, as people tend not to go to restaurants as much, but will still get a take away with a bottle of wine. You do have the option of setting up a franchise with this line of business, but you have to consider the fact that a per cent of your turnover will be taken by the franchisor.
Set up a gym, which is where Duncan Bannatyne made a large percentage of his fortunes – remember a good tip of his, which is to make sure your location has a 360 degree population around the site. In other words if you were to choose a location on the coast you have just limited your customers numbers in direct driving distance from your gym, as there will only be houses in a 180 degree arc on one side of your site.
– A cake making business is something you could start up from your kitchen and begin by supplying to weddings and local shops.
– A cleaning business cleaning homes and/or businesses – if done correctly and once you begin employing people you can make a lot of money doing this.
– A gardening and landscape gardening business is a business which is always in demand.
– A handyman come maintenance type of business.
Building and maintenance business.
Computer maintenance and hire company and in particular computer network support, as this is always in demand.
Wedding services business, including photographer and a wedding planner – most women are very good a planning weddings and most will have done so in their life, so why not do this for others.
– An ironing service.

Think about what you are good at or what you have trained to do as there will be business opportunities in whatever field you are in. When you are thinking about your business idea it is always worth considering the “expandability” of your idea.

So if you choose a cleaning business, then there is nothing wrong in starting out doing the initial work yourself, but ads things expand you can then begin to employ others to do the cleaning work so that you can begin to sit back and manage the business – this way your business will become an asset to sell in the future – the less you are involved in the day-to-day running of the business and so long as it is profitable, then the more it will be worth to others to buy.

List of small business ideas

17 thoughts on “List of small business ideas

  1. Thanks for sharing an idea to start a new business online. Could you tell me how we start porta cabin manufacturing online in India?

  2. These are great ideas. Service businesses are always on the rise. I have seriously considered creating my own business and I have seriously considered an internet business, cake making business, and wedding service business. It is good to know that even with today’s economy it is possible for these business to still appear and work.

  3. These are all interesting ideas, but I think that they would not be trivial to make successful.

    There will undoubtedly be quite a lot of competition already in many cases.

    But as in any business, you will probably learn a lot as soon as you start.

  4. I agree with the person who pointed out that drop shipping might not be such a good idea. I’ve been down that road and buy it was very difficult, I was mostly competing on ebay with other drop shippers who were getting their goods cheaper than I was. I dunno where but it was obvious that I couldn’t compete. I guess my whole seller was adding to much on the goods.

  5. I have friends who have an online business. They sell tumblers with great designs and customers can ask for a customize design too. And I think they’re business is really a success for the it was once featured to a show.

  6. I’d like to add to Neil’s comments about addwords and say that geo-targeting allows you to advertise at a much lower cost per click than someone who is advertising worldwide or countrywide, do some research, identify your customer, advertise to them for less.

  7. I think that due to recession and other problems in small business world the online business option is the good thing to do these days. There are a lot of reasons why: cutting down on rent of facilities, employees, and finally you’ll GO GREEN on keeping everything in digital formats!
    As for becoming some big company affiliate, promote your own business that brings you not only money and pleasure of doing the things you like to do in the life and you can always place banners and ppc ads on you website to make some extra pocket money : )

  8. The nice thing about an interent business is that you can actually advertise with search engines such as google adwords and not have to pay up front. Which is great for cash strapped first time entrepreneurs.

  9. Good list, but I’m not convinced about the drop-shipping idea. The competition, if you sell on eBay, is huge and so margins are paper thin. Also, although you’re not responsible for shipping and stock holding, you are responsible for customer service and so have to deal with customer complaints when things go wrong.

    If you want an online business with no stock to hold, affiliate marketing is a better model. Find a profitable niche, like web hosting, and build a reviews site which reviews the services of different companies. Then market it like mad using link-building, social networking, article marketing, etc.
    .-= Kenny´s last blog ..Use hosting reviews to choose the best host =-.

  10. There are so many ideas for new businesses that people usually just shrug them off. They would rather complain about things, rather than looking for the solution. Within every complaint about something you have, there is usually another business idea. It may not be profitable, and that is where good research and advice come in.

  11. A service business…especially internet and computer services…always good. Anything people can’t or won’t do for themselves -always good.
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..By Choice or By Default – Why Do People Buy White Vehicles? =-.

  12. A comment to the “Online Business”.

    It is better to become an affiliate for the big companies. You sell their products, they ship the product, you get paid.

    No handling of returning good, complains etc.
    .-= Lån Penge´s last blog ..Hvad koster det at låne? =-.

  13. Some very good ideas. Do you have any recommendations on resources for paperwork and contracts etc that may be low cost that would help someone starting out? IE: invoices, and various other business templates that would be scalable for a new business?
    .-= Bowraven´s last blog ..How to solve inflation =-.

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