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Manjit Minhas net worth is estimated at over £150 million (USD $200 million; CAD $250 million) in 2017

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After writing about fellow dragon and woman entrepreneur Michele Romanow and her net worth, I thought it only fair to also write about Manjit Minhas net worth and her rise to a successful woman entrepreneur in the brewery trade too.

Known as the “Beer Baroness“, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Main sections of this article on Manjit Minhas net worth:

Manjit Minhas is the co-founder and co-owner of Minas Breweries, Distillery and Wineries in Calgary, Canada, alongside her brother Ravinder.

So why an article on Manjit Minhas net worth?

There are a few reasons why I chose to write about Minhas, which are as follows:

  • Manjit Minhas is a business woman and I enjoy learning and writing about successful women in business.
  • She is also a dragon and I love to write about dragon investors.
  • A friend of mine has a micro brewery, so I have a bit of an interest from that perspective too.
  • She is an extremely successful and wealthy lady and many people are interested in successful entrepreneurs with a high net worth.

Where did life begin for the Minhas micro brewery?

The Minhas Micro Brewery – White Wolf Beer on Manjit Minhas Instagram page…

Caskapalooza 2017 featuring our award winning White Wolf beer! #craftbeermarket #craftbrewery #yycbeer #craftbreweryyyc

A post shared by Manjit Minhas (@manjit.minhas) on

Manjit co-founded Minhas Breweries aged 19 with her brother Ravinder Minhas. The business started life as Mountain Crest Liquors Inc. Their new business was helped along by a change in legislation in Alberta.

The Alberta Government privatised the retail liquor industry back in 1993. This enabled sibling entrepreneurs Manjit and Ravinder, and in this case young teen entrepreneurs, to open up breweries and distilleries to supply to the retail market.

Find something that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and stick to it. We spend 70% of our waking hours at work, and if we hate what we do, it’s a miserable life.” Manjit Minhas, quoted in Profit Guide Magazine.

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Both Manjit and Ravinder are petroleum engineers by profession and their first product to market was rum…one of my favourites. But their big break came when there was a shortage of agave in Mexico. After securing a large supply of tequila (another of my favourites) at a competitive price, they cornered the market and made a killing.

From petroleum engineers to a Canadian beer business…

Even though things were going well for the Minas siblings with the spirits side of their business, this wasn’t enough. The pair are driven entrepreneurs and they both wanted to follow their dream. This dream was to brew beer.

Enter their first beer brew…Mountain Crest Classic Lager.

This beer had an overnight success for the pair of young entrepreneurs and with customer feedback the lager gained the slogan “Damn Good Beer“.

When people ask Manjit what’s her favorite of all your 90 beer brands – her answer….”Mountain Crest”…

Youngest Brewery Owners in The World – The Minhas siblings purchased Joseph Brewing Company in 2006.

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You can tour their brewery at a cost of £6 (USD $8; CAD $10), which includes sampling the beer.

Minhas Craft Brewery based in Wisconsin…

The Minhas Craft Brewery is based in Wisconsin, which is also known as the “Cheese Capital of USA” – in Monroe. The Minas Craft Brewery is known for its Boxer Beer. Minas Craft Brewery was originally the Joseph Brewing Company, which was the second oldest brewery in the United States. The Minas-siblings purchased this business in 2006.

Like their brewery in Calgary, the Wisconsin craft brewery also takes tours. People are able to see first-hand how they brew various craft beers. Visitors also get to know their brewing techniques.

From scrapping together £6,000 (USD $8,000; CAD $10,000) to Manjit Minhas net worth of over £150 million (USD $200 million; CAD $250 million)…

Minhas co-founded Minhas Brewery with her brother with £6,000 (USD $8,000; CAD $10,000). Their micro brewery has now become the ninth largest brewery in the world and produces over 120 beers, spirits, liqueurs and wines. These beers, spirits and wines are not only sold in Canada and the United States, but also in 16 countries around the world.

Mistakes are part of being an entrepreneur. Hopefully you learn from them.” Manjit Minhas

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What is Manjit Minhas net worth?

The group of companies she co-owns have revenues in excess of £112 million (USD $150 million; CAD $187 million). This huge business is what has led Minhas to her huge woman entrepreneur of over £150 million (USD $200 million; CAD $250 million). With plenty of hard work, but above all a passion for her business, this successful woman entrepreneur is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs.

Her brother Ravinder Minhas net worth is also in excess of $200 million, as he co-invested in the beer brewing business.

Dragon Manjit Minhas joined CBC Dragons Den Canada in 2015 season 10…

#DragonManjit is seen here with fellow dragons from far left to right: Michael Wekerle, Jim Treliving, Michele Romanow and it’s Joe Mimran who’s standing behind her in the photograph…

Manjit Minhas became a dragon on Canada’s Dragons Den. She is co-dragon along-side fellow woman in business Michele Romanow, veteran dragon Jim Treliving, Mick Jagger meets Warren Buffett styled Michael Wekerlefashion pioneer Joe Mimran and returning dragon Arlene Dickinson.

Minhas can be known to be blunt on the show and she’s also known as the tough one. She is the straight talking women and the complete opposite of Michael Wekerle, who has the reputation of being a bit of a clown on the show. Manjit is also known for wearing a classic red dress on the Dragons Den show.

She also joins Michele Romanow in the Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada, but she is also been in Profit magazine for Top Growth Entrepreneur. Manjit is also Chatelaine Magazine’s “Top Entrepreneur Woman of The Year 2011“.

Up to December 2017 Manjit Minhas has invested nearly $3 million in dragon investments.

Manjit Minhas and Michele Romanow on Instagram celebrating International Women’s Day

PeapodMats investment on Dragons Den…

As a mum herself she understood the PeapodMats product and decided to invest. Co creators Liz Brezer and Amanda Pilgaard created soft cotton waterproof mats for children to put on their beds whilst they are potty training.

Manjit invested more in Amanda and Liz because she saw their passion for their product. She also loves products that are made out of necessity too.

Manjit Minhas invested £30,000 (USD $40,000; CAD $50,000) for a 35% stake in the business, but the two women entrepreneurs were originally only looking to give away 20% equity. Below is a YouTube video with entrepreneurs Liz and Amanda talking about their product Manjit invested in on Dragons Den…

Everything Butt Cream is another investment made by Manjit in the den…

Manjit invested £78,000 (USD $104,000; CAD $130,000) for a 30% stake in Lane Casement’s business “Everything Butt Cream.” Lane Casement is a pharmacist by trade and has been for over 50 years. He came up with his nappy cream when he realised that all other creams on the market were not easy to apply and once applied they stay there, which means they are not easy to remove.

When interviewed about her investment in Everything Butt Cream, Manjit explains that she first invests in people and then she invests in products and companies. She was impressed with Lane’s passion for his product. She also loved how simple the product was too. Like PeapodMats, Everything Butt Cream also fitted her mom-centric investment sense too.

From Dragon’s Tears Wine to a dragon in Dragons Den Canada…

Little did Manjit know that when she launched Dragon’s Tears Wine at her Minhas Winery business, some years later she’d become a dragon on CBCs Dragons Den.

Dragon’s Tears Wine was one of many wines made at the Minas Winery. Ravinder and Manjit Minhas set up Minhas Winery in 2005, but after a few early set-backs, they created another successful business to add to their successes. This only added even more wealth to the already growing Manjit Minhas net worth.

Manjit Minhas husband Harvey Shergill…

Manjit sharing a picture with her husband Harvey supporting the Libin Cardiovascular Institute…

A fabulous evening with friends at #LibinBeat supporting the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. #hearthealth

A post shared by Manjit Minhas (@manjit.minhas) on

Manjit Minhas is married to husband Harvey Shergill. Her husband owns Shergill Homes, which is a construction company.

She’s surrounded by entrepreneurs. Her husband, her brother Ravinder and her dad Moni.

Minhas also has two young daughters, so she joins the ranks of mumpreneur too.

Manjit Minhas family have all been keen to support her dragon-career, with her brother Ravinder staying by her side one week and her dad accompanied her to the screen test.

Minhas house and life outside of business…

Manjit lives in Calgary with her husband and her two daughters. She jokes about her nickname as “Mom“, but her full name is “Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom.”

Aside from being an entrepreneur, she is a human rights promoter. She quotes “Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour.”

Manjit is a vegetarian. She’s seen posting on her Facebook page @manjitbeer about Walton Wood Farm products.

Minhas in a proud owner of a Bentley car, which is a car fitting of her wealth and success. A huge outlay of cash though for an entrepreneur who’s known for ruthlessly controlling expenses.

As well as investing in her own house and home, Manjit is also a property investor too. She has put her wealth to work in real estate.

Her first property investment was an office building, which she purchased back in 2006. But since that first property investment, she has expanded her portfolio and now owns commercial real estate across North America and overseas too.

Manjit is the type of investor who holds onto her investments and considers real estate to be a great investment. Which to her is an investment to hold for the long term.

Favourite quotes and sayings of Manjit Minhas…

Manjit’s mantra: “Live this life like it’s the only one you’ve got.”

She shares a quote “Once you become fearless life becomes limitless.”

my mantra. live this life like it’s the only one you got. #newchallengeseveryday

A post shared by Manjit Minhas (@manjit.minhas) on

Manjit also shares her “Our overnight success took 17 years!

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Manjit Minhas Net Worth

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