National Achievers Congress – London 2017

National Achievers Congress (NAC) – London 2017

National Achievers Congress London 2017
National Achievers Congress London 2017

At this years National Achievers Congress, London 2017 you have compelling visionaries transforming businesses. For full disclosure, the links on this page to the NAC are affiliate links, which means that I will get a commission if you decide to purchase tickets to this conference.

As an entrepreneur in business and as a property investor myself too, I can always learn from others.

In fact one of the powerhouse speakers at this year conference is best selling author and interpreneur Simon Coulson.

I went on his Internet Business School course only last weekend and I will say that you get blown away by the information you get from him on that course.

I already know more than the average business owner about the internet, internet marketing and the likes, but I still wanted to learn more.

So if you want to learn more, be it about internet marketing from Simon Coulson, property from Kevin Green, FX trading from Sandy Jadeja, or to be inspired by the womanpreneur Lady Michelle Mone, get yourself booked in on this conference…and learn from the best.

What is the National Achievers Congress event about?

Are you looking to live your future on your terms? Also, are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed? If you can say yes to both of these questions, then the National Achievers Congress is definitely for you.


Are you looking to transform your body? Do you want to improve your health and mental well-being?

If the answer to these questions is yes…don’t hesitate and book your place on this years NAC in London...Now.

To jump to the National Achievers Congress Promotion Code to get 60% off your ticketsclick here.

You will expand your social network and income or net worth. Reward yourself with a win to win in every area of your life.

What will I gain from attending the NAC in London?

At the conference you will learn 6 core competencies of success. You will learn these from world-class experts in business, leadership, peak performance strategies, sales and successful investors.

National Achievers Congress - six core competencies of success
National Achievers Congress – six core competencies of success

The six core competencies of success you’ll learn at the conference are:

  1. Financial education – Cement your foundation in this core competency. Obtain the right knowledge, psychology and core understanding of your finances to become successful.
  2. Wealth strategies – What are the assets classes that will work best for you? Look at property, stocks commodities or forex. Leverage them to maximise profits whilst minimising risk.
  3. Health and harmony – Learn the simple shifts you can make in your lifestyle to experience a better life. Better energyimproved vitality and a better harmony with your work.
  4. Practical professionalism – If you are looking to develop your business and leadership skills, or if you want to learn sales and have the best marketing tools, you’ll learn these at this years conference in London.
  5. Inspiration and aspirationDream big, act now and never give up and contribute to a greater cause than yourself. Discover fulfillment and life your life to the full. Don’t settle for second-best…don’t spend your life doing something you hate doing…going through cancer taught me this.
  6. Relationship and connections – Be authentic and practice practical communication skills. Live an enriched, positive and healthy life…act now and book your ticket to this amazing event today.

In this years line up includes the following successful entrepreneurs:

National Achievers Congress London 2017 - keynote speakers
National Achievers Congress London 2017 – keynote speakers

Keynote speakers at the NAC lineup…

  • Lady Michelle MoneEntrepreneur, speaker and mentor and Baroness of Mayfair.
  • Randi ZuckerbergAuthorpreneur, Best selling author & former director of marketing development for Facebook.
  • Sandy JadejaTradingpreneur, Chief market strategist and international trading educator.
  • Henry PattersonKidpreneur and Founder of children’s brand ‘Not Before Tea‘.

NAC ‘powerhouse-speakers‘ lineup…

  • Simon Coulson – Best Selling author and ‘Interpreneur‘.
  • Kevin GreenPropertypreneur, UK’s ‘Secret Millionaire’, business coach and property investor.
  • Andy HarringtonSpeakerpreneur, and the world’s leading public speaking expert

Randi Zukerberg live video…

National achievers congress promotion code…

If you are looking for the National Achievers Congress promotion code, which is for the early birds booking use 60OFF, which essentially will give you 60% off the conference. You can book tickets for the London National Achievers Congress by going to BOOK NOW.

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National Achievers Congress – London 2017

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