Pathway to Passive review Affilorama (Content affiliate marketing)

A complete review of Pathway to Passive (or Pathway2Passive) by Affilorama which teaches content affiliate marketing

Pathway to Passive review Affilorama training course
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Pathway to Passive review in 20 seconds…

This training system was designed by online marketing enthusiast Mark Ling. The training course is for anyone who wants make money online by learning how to build their own content marketing website or blog promoting affiliate products using search engine friendly content. They say it comes with a “bird’s eye view” road-map for success, together with a strategy to follow so you know where you’re going. They also claim that you’ll learn how to build a successful, high-quality, long-lasting content rich affiliate website to earn a great passive income, and that you’ll save time, plus avoid those classic blunders that newbie affiliates make. Let’s take a closer look…

Are you keen to become a content affiliate marketer? Do you want to build your own blog to earn money online, but without the hassle of creating your own products? If you answered yes to either of both of these questions, this Pathway to Passive review (or Pathway2Passive review) will help you to decide whether this particular training is right for you. Let’s take a look…

What is Pathway to Passive + what to expect from this content affiliate marketing training course

The Pathway to Passive training course, which is also known as Pathway2Passive is a part of Mark Ling’s online marketing system Affilorama. The training is both for those who are complete beginners to online marketing, right through to those who are experienced online marketers who are looking to find solutions for where they are going wrong.

If you are a complete beginner and looking to save yourself months of costly and frustrating mistakes; or if you’re at the point of trying to decide between free traffic vs paid traffic; the Pathway to Passive course provides a great low cost resource for you to get on your way. However, if on the other-hand you’re already an experienced online marketer and looking to discover why your existing website is either not getting much traffic, or if the traffic you’re getting isn’t converting; then this easy to understand system will help you too.

They say it comes with a “bird’s eye view” roadmap for success and a strategy to follow. This helps with helping to know where you’re heading. They also claim that you’ll learn how to build a successful, high-quality, long-lasting affiliate website from which to earn a great passive income. Plus that you’ll save time and avoid those classic blunders that new affiliates make. This will save you months from your learning curve and drastically increase your odds of success.

So does it actually teach you how to build a long-lasting affiliate website from which to have a great passive income? Is this content marketing course training any better than buying a book on Amazon? Let’s take a closer look…

Features of the Pathway to Passive training course

Pathway to Passive review Affilorama
Learn how to build the perfect website with content that attracts and converts visitors to buyers with Pathway to Passive

The main features of the Pathway2Passive training course include the following:

  1. Learn how to find profitable niches and products.
  2. Discover how to attract the right people.
  3. Find out how to convert your visitors into buyers.
  4. Learn about how to create content that attracts links.

Let’s take a look at each of these course features in more detail.

1. Pathway2Passive comes with a section on how to find profitable niches and products

After you’ve made the decision to use content marketing for your affiliate business vs other affiliate marketing methods like using Facebook, you need to choose the right products and niche to promote. But it’s not only about choosing the right niche. But it is also about finding products and niches that are going to perform well.

Deciding on on your “niche” and then finding affiliate programs to promote can be tough. This is especially true when the competition is high. But the Pathway to Passive training teaches you how to find profitable affiliate products. The course also helps you to filter out the unprofitable ones too. Plus how to zero in on the ones that will make you money.

What if you also knew the 11 best niches to go into before you started out? But also if you do get stuck on the niche choosing step, which many do? Don’t worry as you’re not alone. The writers of Pathway to Passive invite you to steal one of their known profitable evergreen niches.

If however your chosen niche is a competitive topic, you’ll learn how to compete in this niche too. Plus how to make your website stand out from the crowd. This can be done by using a “subniche” or an “angle“, or perhaps a “value proposition” within your chosen niche.

2. Pathway to Passive comes with a section on how to attract the right people

Once you’ve chosen your niche, you then need to target the right people and the ones who will buy. This is about targeting them with the right choice of keywords, and the right kind of content.

If the websites blog you build specifically targets people who want to buy the things you’re promoting, which is how the Pathway to Passive course teaches you, you won’t be wasting time on traffic that doesn’t convert. Call this the lazy-man’s method of content marketing if you like. Pathway to Passive teaches you how to create less content that not only ranks easier, but that also makes you more money.

There’s no point in wasting your time creating content that will never make you money. Which is where this course is key to learning content marketing the right way. The course teaches you how to choose the right topics and keywords to attract the people who are more likely to buy.

The course helps you to identify low-competition money-making content ideas. Which means that if your procrastination over starting is because you think your niche is too crowded and competitive already, Pathway to Passive helps you to rethink your strategy.

You will learn about four incredibly lucrative kinds of content that can be surprisingly easy to get to the top of the search engines. What about getting your hands on details about how to write great product reviews. With this you’ll learn about what to say and how to say it.

It’s all about being creating ethical reviews. But what about creating a review about a product that you’ve never tried? Pathway to Passive will teach you how to ethically write reviews about affiliate products that you’ve never tried.

3. Pathway to Passive comes with a section on how to convert your visitors into buyers

Just because you attract the right people, it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically buy. Which is why once you have the right people visiting your website, it’s then about building a solid funnel. It is this funnel that will move these people towards a sale. It’s about saying the right thing at the right time, to build their interest in a product.

One of the most important sections in the Pathway to Passive course is how it teaches you the combination of content types to create a funnel that moves your visitors towards a sale. With the way you’re taught to build your website with Pathway to Passive, your visitors won’t feel pressured at all.

You may not yet know about the five “Readiness Levels” as far as your visitors are concerned. The trick about a visitor’s readiness level is knowing exactly what to say to make them buy. You’ll learn how to effectively “monetise” your website pages, whilst at the same time learning how to understand the different ways to do this depending on what type of content it is. The importance of this strategy is key to avoid simply driving your visitors away.

Part of the Pathway to Passive course teaches you about the concept of a website “funnel“. Where a funnel is a structure on your site which leads people naturally towards a sale. But then it’s also about how to get the click. Without the click you won’t make any money from affiliate marketing.

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4. Pathway2Passive comes with a section on how to create content that attracts links

If your focus is on getting free traffic you want to be able to create a website that people will want to share. A well shared website will attract yet more visitors and links to it, which in itself will push you up the search engine rankings. By building content that gives people what they want, the job of promoting your website becomes ridiculously easy.

If you do this the right way, which is what Pathway to Passive teaches, your website will attract links naturally. This means you won’t need to physically go out there and build links yourself. Not only does this save you time (It could be argued as the ‘lazy‘ approach), but as the links are natural, Google will like your website too. In turn, this means that your search engine rankings will improve naturally over time.

There’s nothing worse in my opinion than having to bust a gut doing outreach and grovelling to website owners for a link. Why do this when it’s possible to write great content so it starts to attract links naturally and ends up promoting itself. This is known as “link-baiting“.

But content marketing isn’t only about writing good articles, so it’s important to know more. This is why Pathway to Passive provides you with 16 creative ideas for content that your audience will love and want to share.

The pros and cons of the Pathway to Passive training course

What are the pros vs the cons of the Pathway to Passive training course?

The pros of Pathway to Passive or Pathway2Passive

  • First and foremost, this course is extremely easy to follow and understand.
  • The course is extremely comprehensive with great content.
  • The information contained in this training program is suitable for all. This includes beginners, intermediate and advanced online marketers.
  • You’ll save a significant amount of money money by learning how to build your own successful content marketing website, as the investment in this course is comparatively low.
  • You’ll save time which you’d otherwise waste in creating unnecessary content that either doesn’t attract any visitors at all, or attracts the wrong visitors or that doesn’t convert the visitors to buying customers of your affiliate products.
  • The Pathway to Passive comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The cons of Pathway to Passive

  • The learning only comes in the form of a digital format, which means you need a computer or other equipment like an iPad to do the training.
  • The system is not available offline and cannot be downloaded.
  • You could argue that some of the content isn’t necessary for the more experienced. But this fact does not take away from how the other content will help even some of the most experienced content marketers.
  • Pathway to Passive is only available in written form, which means there’s no video content. So if you prefer to learn by watching, unfortunately this can’t be done with Pathway to Passive. Which means you’re going to have to read the training material instead. However, rest assured the content is written in such a way that it is easy to follow and understand and you can take it at your own pace.

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Who is the Pathway to Passive course suitable for?

The Pathway to Passive training course is suitable if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • The Pathway to Passive Course provides a great insight into how to build your own content marketing website to promote affiliate products to make money online. This is whether you’re a complete beginner; if you already have a website that’s up and running; or if you are an experienced content marketer.
  • If you thought content marketing was easy to do on your own, but your website or blog system isn’t working properly, this course will help you to change that.
  • Are you struggling to figure out why you’re not getting any traffic or the right converting traffic to your website or blog? Pathaway to Passive will help you discover what you’re doing wrong if this is the case.
  • If you’re not getting great results; Pathway to Passive will help you to transform your blog or website into a traffic magnet of converting visitors.
  • If you’ve had too many failed attempts at building a website or blog, then this training program will set you straight.
  • If you’re the type of person who struggles to learn from complicated verbiage, you don’t need to worry as this training is taught in a conversational tone and is easy to understand. This is even for complete beginners.
  • If you’re at the point where you’ve had your first affiliate commissions, you’ll learn better ways in which to increase your affiliate earnings.

Pathway to Passive review conclusion

  • This has to be one of the best value for money courses on content marketing there is at just $37. I’d argue that it’s a no brainer! When you consider that you could be paying upwards of $1,000’s plus on online training courses, which means for an investment of just $37, you’re potentially saving $1,000’s.
  • The course is not just a simple, effective and informative way to learn about content marketing, but it’s also about helping you to increase your earnings too.
  • Pathway to Passive provides really practical solutions that you can apply to your website or blog to create content that attracts traffic. But more importantly the right traffic that converts.
  • The information you get is advanced stuff that you probably won’t have read before, which is written in an easy to understand, explicit and detailed way.
  • The training course comes with an affiliate blueprint, which will enable you to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together to understand how it works and what to do.
  • You’ll be given a plan to obtain long-term free search engine traffic, and the ability to create a website which provides passive income for a long time. This is especially true if your chosen niche is an evergreen topic.
  • You’ll have the one guide that sums up all you’ll ever need to know to do affiliate marketing using a website or blog.
  • The $37 investment in this course could save you from some of the biggest mistakes people make due to a lack of knowledge. If you were to make some of these big mistakes when setting up a content marketing system without the proper guidance, this could cost time and money you can ill afford to waste.
  • Their 60-day money back guarantee means you’ve really got nothing to lose by trying it.



Time to reflect with six important questions to ask yourself

I thought it would be useful to ask you a few final questions to help you to reflect on content marketing. But more importantly extra considerations when you’re reading this Pathway to Passive review and whether it’s right for you.

  1. Would you like to get your content marketing website or blog system set up correctly right from the very start?
  2. Are you keen to avoid the many failures that people experience when they try to set up their websites or blogs without the correct education? Some of which can cost dearly!
  3. Are you keen to side-step the many pitfalls that most people fall into when they go it alone when they set up their first website or blog?
  4. Is it important to you that you choose the right niche to promote, whilst spending your time effectively and efficiently?
  5. Would you like to save $1,000’s (less the $37 investment you’ll spend on this course) on setting up your very own website or blog the right way?
  6. Can you afford to invest $37 in your personal education on how to correctly set up a content marketing website or blog? Or should I ask, can you afford not to invest in your content marketing education?

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Pathway to Passive review Affilorama (Content affiliate marketing)

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