Selling small business

As a small business owner you might ask the question “Why should I sell my business through an agency?”.

You could easily sell your small business privately but in doing so you will be responsible for every aspect of the sale, including the valuation of your business, the marketing of your business, arranging the viewings and the final price negotiations.

The obvious saving you make by selling your business privately is you will not have any agency fees to pay and you don’t have to sign a contract giving anyone exclusive rights to sell your business.

However if you use a business transfer agent they will be able to advise you of the value of your business having regard to its size, profitability, its location, the industry in which it operates and any other factors they consider relevant.

Business transfer agents usually have business buyers already on their books actively looking to buy, so they will be able to immediately present your business to these active business buyers. Whether your business is sold to a registered buyer or a new buyer the agent will negotiate the sale of your business on your behalf and in some cases (depending on the business broker) they will attend the viewings.

Selling small business

5 thoughts on “Selling small business

  1. Selling your business through a ‘Business Transfer Agent’ has big advantages, which I believe to be worth the value of a registration fee to the agent. The amount of experience the agents have in valuing businesses, building a database of business buyers looking to buy and being able to offer support and advice to the seller, makes them an attractive resource to use. By choosing to use an agent, all of the factors mentioned will help make the process of selling your business faster and less stressful.

  2. I definitely agree to your post. For me the most ideal thing to do is to sell your business through an agency transfer. With that every thing is clear and all details are being printed down. Plus the fact that you yourself is going to be well verse in the do’s and dont’s in selling a business.

  3. Hi, I agree and agent or M&A firm is essential in maximizing value – selling a business is NOT like selling a house.

    I found you via Google alert. You might want to join a Linkedin group that helps other LI members cross pollinate with advisers and experts to business owners. Our LinkedIn group is Successful Transition Planning Institute: Regards, Paul

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