Success in business

With the present economic turmoil it could be argued that success in business right now would be difficult.

This might be true and you might have to approach business in a different way, but I believe that there are too many business owners that are focusing on the present economic conditions too much, and if we become what we think about most of the time, then what’s the betting, if you worry about your business then your business is likely to reflect this.

I recently wrote an article about the power of the subconscious, which explains just how powerful the subconscious mind is, but also you might be interested to learn that where your logical mind is in conflict with your imaginative mind…imagination wins through every time. If you don’t believe me then explain that to the millions of people who suffer the fear of spiders or the fear of flying etc.

In reality (or the logical way of thinking) a spider is thousands of times smaller than we are, so to be scared of such a small creature is not logical, except for some healthy weariness of the really poisonous spiders of course. Which points to something much more powerful at play in the mind, which is partly linked to the persons imagination. This irrational fear (or imaginative fear) can be totally debilitating at times, so to underestimate it would be foolish.

However, this is the good part…

If you harness the power of the imagination by thinking about good and positive things happening, for example – imagine your sales going though the roof; imagine record sales and a healthy cash flow; imagine your business growing over the next 12-18 months and beyond; etc. You will find good things starting to happen, as your brain goes to work to find a way.

You might find this difficult to believe, but in order for this to work you need to keep focused and to remove any negative thoughts. Spend say 90% of your time thinking positive thoughts and you will be guaranteed to have a positive outcome. I say 90% rather than 100%, as I appreciate that even for the best of us thinking 100% positive all of the time might be unrealistic.

Another thing to realise is that the brain loves to solve questions and let me also explain this by way of an example:

You will probably have come across many people (which might include yourself) who use the expression ‘I can’t afford it’. This phrase is extremely negative and in itself is extremely limiting.

However, if you were to replace this phrase with questions like: how can I afford it; what can I do to make the money to do it; what would I need to do with my business or what money do I need to earn and how, in order to afford it; etc. your brain will want to come up with solutions. If you do this in a brain storming session, you’d be surprised at how many answers you will get.

What you will find is that most people will then be either too lazy to go ahead and do any of the tasks listed, or use further negative comments like, I can’t do that – which in many instances will not be true.

So to truly find success in business then harness power of your imagination and ask yourself some powerful and searching questions..then act upon the solutions and answers to your questions today!

Success in business

8 thoughts on “Success in business

  1. Great Article – thank you.

    One of my favourite sayings is – The biggest risk of all is taking no risk at all –

    I started an online store 8 weeks ago and am maintaining a positive mental attitude.. I know I will succeed.

    Thanks again


  2. Love this article! Starting a new business is always risky, but without risk there is no profit. I’m always encouraging people to start their own business. It may be more difficult then before to succeed but this is the only way to overcome this economic crisis. As someone said we should be more positive than before.

  3. The key to success lies in how well you create an “attitude of success.” My studies have shown that there are nine behaviors that all successful people exhibit, especially in an economic downturn. When these behaviors are implemented in the highest levels of an organization and are combined with the correct attitude, they cascade down through the organization. Successful business owners understand that the organization they manage takes on the attitude of the top person in the organization, and they strive to ensure that their behaviors reflect this. To be successful you must implement these nine behaviors.

  4. Good article, especially important to be positive and if enough people feel this way the economy would improve.

  5. Hi Russell – I think that you’re right. It’s all about your perspective. The ability to think laterally and see opportunities where there are obstacles is common among those who are successful in business. In the current climate, it can remove a lot of the fear in making big business decisions.

  6. Hi Russell,
    This is a must-read article for business owners and entrepreneurs in the world. I believe that we should learn how to use our creativity and the ability to change the world. If we will only become dependent of the economic condition, then we will likely become followers of the current flow of our economy, whether it is flowing high or low. I really want business persons to become extraordinary this time.

  7. Great article. You have reminded me that it is important to take the positive view even though the economy is tough for businesses like mine.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Russell, great read. You make some good points. When trying to talk to potential clients we find their main concerns are sometimes ‘We can’t afford this right now’. If they thought positively about the long term it would be much easier for us to convince we have a lot to offer.

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