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Going concern value

Going concern value and the definition of going concern. Broadly speaking going concern is referring to a business operating at a profit, which is expected to trade for the foreseeable future.

The foreseeable future for this purpose is normally regarded as 12 months. Going concern value is key if you are selling a business as a going concern. Likewise if you are buying a business as a going concern, you will be keen to know whether the business is likely to continue trading into the foreseeable future.

The value of a business will be adversely affected if it’s not considered to be a going concern. In this case either a liquidation value or a receivership value will be placed on the business.

Face your problems head on

Face your problems head on and if anyone tells you that you can’t do it, then you might want to watch this video of a footballer scoring a goal from the centre circle! Face your problems…Positive thinking is about telling yourself you can do it and not to listen to your own internal voice of negative thoughts or […]

Government loan guarantee

The new Government loan guarantee program for homes in the UK – is this a good thing or a bad thing? You would initially think that where the Government are offering to guarantee 20% of the purchase price for homes this would be a good thing. However, if you look at it in the aftermath […]

Rent or buy business premises – a decision to make in business

Rent or buy business premises Whether you are expanding your business and looking to get a larger premises or simply moving for convenience you need to consider the question ‘rent or buy business premises?‘ Right now there are deals to be done on both – landlords are looking for tenants so will be happy to […]

Success in business – Even in difficult times you can make good money

I took over a business in October 2010 and in that month it made sales of £126,000, whereas in the last month we acheived £271,000! I acheived this by applying some of the 7 ways to grow a business and, just in case you are reading this and thinking turnover is all very well, it is […]

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