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Deborah Meaden Net Worth

Deborah Meaden Net Worth is estimated at £46 million as of 2017.

Deborah Meaden is best known as a dragon on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, but she also starred on the popular TV program Strictly Come Dancing too.

This feisty business woman made her wealth from the family holiday park business. She sold her shareholding in this business for £33 million. She has since added to her growing fortune through her careful Dragons Den Investments.

Business blog – what makes a good business blog?

I have now had my in business blog running for a few years and it struck me this morning why not write an article on what makes a good business blog. The articles I have written so far have come from my own experiences either in business or from the property I have owned or […]

Involve your employees in your business

You may be saying – but I do involve my employees in my business…but do you? Of course your employees to do the work of the business and the employees, with the right direction, make any business great as it expands, but there are not many business owners that involve their employees in helping with […]

Consider offering guarantees

If you put yourself in the position of a customer for a moment – this will help you to recognise a good method of encouraging your own business customers to purchase from, especially for new customers for their first time! You must have a favourite shop where you buy your clothes from in the high street […]

Does my business need a blog?

To answer the question “Does my business need a blog?” then you need to look at how it can benefit you before deciding on whether you need one or not. These days many businesses are adding a blog to their website, as they firstly acknowledge that it is a good traffic generation tool and it […]

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