cash flow

15 Ways to Improve Net Cashflow

There are many ways of improving Cash Flow for a business and we have given you a few ideas to do just that. To help you see how these ideas can help your business it would be worth while doing some cash flow projections. The Cash Forecaster can be used as a management tool to […]

Surviving the recession

There is no doubt that the recession is hitting everyone and as a result there are not many businesses that have not been affected so far. This is the time for the “Survival of the Fittest” and if you want to survive the recession you need to take action. Most businesses are stuck with the […]

Keep cash flow to an optimum

Keep cash flow to an optimum by observing the following suggested methods: – Keep your payroll bill down to an absolute minimum – however, always pay good money to good employees or they will walk! – Try to avoid signing long-term rental agreements and if fancy offices are not necessary don’t bother with upmarket office […]

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