Wesley Virgin net worth (Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire)

Soft spoken Wesley Virgin (although not so softly spoken all the time) is a multi-millionaire. Wesley Virgin’s net worth is estimated at somewhere between $20-30 million. Another ‘virgin in business‘ after the serial entrepreneur and business guru Sir Richard Branson who made the word virgin famous with his Virgin brand.

Wesley Virgin net worth - Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire

Wesley Virgin net worth is estimated at around $20-30 million. He had his millionaire breakthrough after discovering personal development. But it was only when he setup his website fatdiminishers.com that his game changed. He made One Million Dollars in one month and the rest is history!

Who is Wesley million dollar virgin?

Wesley “Million Dollar Virgin” now owns several properties in Texas. He also has a real estate company in Houston Texas where he lives. He’s working on different businesses outside the internet too, which include partnering with protein companies, a green supplement company, but he also has many online businesses too.

One of his businesses included the 7DayFitness, which failed. His breakthrough website fatdiminisher.com made $1 million dollars in one month came after this!

He made money with Clickbank and is grateful to this breakthrough. But now he also has the Overnight Millionaire mindset.

Wesley Virgin is a self-made millionaire and enjoys helping others find financial freedom. Be this to make money online or off-line, it all begins with mindset and believing you can be a millionaire.

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Wesley Virgin dropped out of college

But he didn’t begin his life as a millionaire. Wesley Virgin went to college, but he then dropped out of college. His grades a schoold weren’t anything special either.

Wesley started his career life as a computer engineer working for a car dealership. He was responsible for making sure the dealership’s computers didn’t have viruses on them.

But it was the fact that he loved computers that got him this job. His father bought him a $4,000 computer when he was just 8 years old. He was fascinated about how computers worked and he took it apart and put it back together again.

Wesley Virgin was sacked from his day job

But despite Wesley’s loyalty, he was given the sack from this car dealership business. Wesley was just 21 at the time this happened. It was soon after this that Wesley then joined the military and even went to Afghanistan. He was making good money, but he was introduced to self development.

It was during his time in the military that he read the book by “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker. After reading this book changed his life. It was this book that helped him to realise he was “thinking wrong“. It was in 2006 that he had an idea to build his first website to bring his fitness training to the internet.

Wesley’s life changed only when he quit his usual 9-5 job when he felt that it was getting him nowhere…fast!

Am I going to stay in the 9 to 5 hustle and bustle forever? Will I wait every two weeks for the boss to send or deposit my paycheck?

Wesley Virgin – An interview with Kurt Cagle Forbes – the question that changed Wesley Virgin’s life

Continue reading to discover how the above question Wesley Virgin asked himself led to changing his life forever.

The parents and background of Wesley Virgin

He talks about starting in the hood. He certainly didn’t start off rich by any stretch of the imagination. In the section about whether Wesley is a scammer below, you’ll find out how he’s not always been the good boy he is now.

Wesley Virgin’s father was a pastor and his mum was a missioner of the church too. But it was his bad behaviour that became an embarrassment to Wesley and his parents. The worst for Wesley was when he was in jail for two weeks.

How did Wesley Virgin get rich?

It was not long after Wesley Virgin ask the question about his 9 to 5 job and monthly paycheck that he decided to quit his day job.

Making the millions of dollars wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was believing that I could make millions of dollars“.

Quote From Wesley Virgin – The Millionaire Dollar Virgin

What Wesley Virgin did is something that most people are afraid to do. But even more importantly, he did what even less people do, which is to quit his job without a backup plan. He wasn’t making much, if any money online at the time he quit his day job.

In his words, “I gave my boss the middle finger, quit my job and sat in my furnitureless apartment, in front of my vision board.”

The most powerful question Wesley Virgin asked

The most important thing he did next was to ask a very powerful question, which was “What did I really want?” Which is a question that any self-respecting future millionaire would ask.

But many ask this question and are afraid of the answer. Not Wesley Virgin though! It was right after he asked this empowering question that he took massive action. The rest is history.

Wesley Virgin has since solidified his income in many niches, making upwards of $10-15000 per day minimum, and that’s profit after paying for everything else. This has made him one of the most popular serial entrepreneurs on the internet of our time.

But it was his love of fitness that became his gamer changed in life. Although like the best of us (me included by the way) he had a few set backs. But with hard work and determination, he has made it through the maze of making money and come out the other side as a successful millionaire with a net worth most only dream of.

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Wesley million dollar virgin net worth since 2018

Wesley Virgin’s net worth has steadily increased since 2018. That’s one of the joys of wealth-building by generating cash flow from making money online. Like many millionaires that have made money, Wesley Virgin has diversified. He has invested his wealth in property. As already mentioned, he also now has a real estate business too.

From 2018 to 2019 through to 2020, Wesley Virgin’s net worth will continue to rise steadily with his continued business growth and property growth.

Wesley Virgin’s mistakes along the way to a net worth of $20-30 million

On his journey to success, Wesley Virgin made a ton of mistakes. Some of these were financial mistakes, as follows:

  • Wesley lost $100,000 in bitcoin.
  • He lost another $100,000 with an investment.
  • Wesley had several business partnerships that ended up bad and losing a ton of money.

But despite these setbacks Wesley kept going.

Let this video be your motivation

Wesley Virgin – The Million Dollar Virgin

What is the overnight millionaire system?

The Overnight Millionaire System has been created by Wesley Virgin. The Overnight Millionaire is a series of digital resources that show you how to change your life. It’s describe as “Overnight millionaire mind-hacks secretly used by the rich and famous“.

The easiest thing I’ve ever done was earn $30,000,000, but the hardest thing was the belief I could earn $30,000,000.”

Wesley Virgin – Overnight Millionaire

The system gives you an approach to hep you to achieve extraordinary wealth. If you decide to buy Wesley’s system, you receive videos and textbooks that can help you to breakthrough financially.

The overnight millionaire system does not teach you the how, but it teaches the mindset. He says that it was the mindset that was his breakthrough.

How can I become a millionaire overnight?

The question many asked when faced with the drudge of a 9 to 5 job is “How can I become a millionaire overnight?”

Other questions you might be asking include:
  1. How can I get rich quick? Getting rick quick is very difficult unless you’re extremely lucky, win on the lottery or inherit a fortune. So not realistic!
  2. How can I get rich in one day? Also extremely difficult unless you’re extremely lucky, win on the lottery or inherit a fortune. So not realistic either!
  3. How can I become rich from nothing? Yes you can, which is what Wesley Virgin did, as he came from nothing to a net worth of $20-30 million in around 7 years.
  4. How can I make a million dollars in one month? You can’t unless you’ve put in the hard work for months and years beforehand like Wesley Virgin did, which took him 7 years from his first beginnings.
  5. How can I get rich in a year? Whilst not impossible, you’d be lucky to become a millionaire in just 12 months. You are better to have a longer-term plan, like 5-7 years instead.
  6. How can I be a millionaire in 5 years? If you work hard and are consistent, which is what Wesley explains, after 5 years you could be well on your way to being a millionaire for sure.
  7. How can I be rich without working? I’m afraid this just won’t happen, unless as in the first two points you win the lottery or inherit a fortune. So be prepared to work, but more importantly, be consistent.

Whilst you may be disappointed to learn that you won’t necessarily become a millionaire in one day or without working, if you listen to Wesley, it’s a real possibility.

The best time to become a millionaire or even a billionaire

In Wesley Virgin’s opinion, this is probably the best time on the planet to earn millions if not billions of dollars. But this is without investments, loans and without having to deplete your savings.

So the real question becomes “How can I be a billionaire?”

Can I become a millionaire overnight might be a realistic question to ask. But whilst it’s unlikely you’ll become a literal millionaire overnight, you could follow Wesley Virgin’s “Overnight Millionaire System” to become a millionaire over the next 2-5 years.

But to become a millionaire like Wesley Virgin you need to make these changes:

  1. Decide it’s okay to want to be a millionaire. What Wesley Virgin says about his journey is “Making the millions of dollars wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was believing that I could make millions of dollars”.
  2. Practice imagining yourself enjoying an abundant lifestyle – what does each day look like in your millionaire future?
  3. Spend less than you earn and pay yourself 10% of your income.
  4. Put the rest in an investment account. Avoid go into debt, but you may need to invest some money to get started.

Wesley million dollar virgin scammer

Whilst Wesley admits to a few misdemeanors in his life. He admits to stealing gas and creating fake cheque stubs, before he made his breakthrough.

Also, whilst he’s filed for bankruptcy before, he’s had cars repossessed and he’s been in jail (not prison, but locked up for being irresponsible as he describes it), Wesley Virgin isn’t a scammer.

Giving back where one virgin millionaire connects to another virgin billionaire

Wesley Virgin has a ‘giving-back’ mission with his Virgin Media organisation. He extends out to non-profit organizations like Virgin Foundation, which was set up by billionaire Sir Richard Branson. He has helped feed over 300 homeless men and women every Sunday for the last 3 years. He has sponsored several causes including children’s toy drives, $10,000 giveaways, and mentored young men and women around the world! Does that sound like a scammer to you? No not at all.

Instead of being a scammer, and in addition to giving back to charity, he helps people to win with their mindset.

Those people who are tired of the 9 to 5 job are the people who he looks to help. The reason why he connects with people in a 9-5 job is because he began this way himself.

Wesley Virgin not yet on Wikipedia

Whilst Wesley Virgin is not yet on Wikipedia, he is probably heading that way. Wikipedia for the rich and famous is a badge on the internet that you’re important. So even though Wesley Virgin is not yet on Wikipedia, this doesn’t take away from his successes.

Wesley Virgin’s breakthrough moment

Wesley Virgin’s breakthrough moment is when he said “enough is enough“. It was when he was saying to himself:

  • “I can no longer live like this”.
  • “I’m tired of the same situation”.
  • “I’m tired of the same job”.
  • “I can’t wait for the weekend”.
  • “I’m tired of the same co-workers”.
  • But probably most of all “I’m tired of being broke”.

Wesley had this conversation with himself when he was in his twenties, which ended up being his life changing moment. It was at this point when he had a breakthrough. It was at this point when he decided to focus on what he really wanted. This was when he was 23-24 years old.

Even though he wasn’t making any money, he kept positive.

Let me leave you with a thought from Wesley Virgin…”Nothing will ever change unless you make the change.” But then leave you with one more thought: You can become an overnight millionaire. But only after you believe you can become a millionaire. You then need to put in the hard work, as it doesn’t just happen overnight.

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Wesley Virgin net worth (Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire)

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