What are the obstacles that prevent financial goals from being achieved?

The things that stop you from achieving your goals

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If you look at each of the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your financial goals, you’ll probably find they all link back to emotions or mindset obstacles. So what are the obstacles that might prevent financial goals from being achieved? Let’s take a look…

What are the obstacles that might prevent financial goals from being achieved

What are the obstacles that prevent financial goals from being achieved in 15 seconds…

The things that stop you from achieving your goals are all in the mind and are linked to your emotions. These include subconscious obstacles like having a fear of failure or the fear of success. It includes putting your own obstacles in the way like making excuses and procrastinating. Also, the mistake many make is thinking that success is all about making big leaps forward, when in fact small consistent steps are more likely to win the end game.

The things that stop you from achieving your goals

To truly understand what’s stopping you from achieving your goals you need to look inside. It’s about taking responsibility over your emotions and it’s about taking control and agreeing to the idea of “working on yourself” to allow yourself to become wealthy.

But what are these emotions or mindset obstacles that are holding you back, but more importantly what can you do about it? Here are the top emotional obstacles to wealth:

  1. Fear of failure.
  2. The fear of success.
  3. Making excuses and procrastinating.
  4. You’re too easily distracted.
  5. You allow the past to influence the future.
  6. Your life is lived in the future and you worry too much.
  7. You think success is all about making big leaps, when in fact small consistent steps are more likely to win the end game.

Let’s now take a look at each of these obstacles in more detail.

What are the obstacles that prevent financial goals from being achieved in more detail

1. Fear of failure is the No. 1 obstacle that prevents financial goals from being achieved

If you experience atychiphobia, you have an irrational and persistent fear of failing. Fear of failure may be part of another mood disorder, anxiety disorder, or eating disorder. You may also deal with atychiphobia at times throughout your life if you’re a perfectionist.”

Healthline -What Is Atychiphobia and How Can You Manage Fear of Failure?

The fear of failure is possibly the number one fear that prevents people from achieving their financial goals. In most situations or instances the fear is totally irrational. Having this fear means you stop yourself from attempting what might be the one thing that takes you to financial freedom. But you don’t through fear of the unknown.

These are just some of the illogical and irrational thoughts that may run through your mind:

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What happens if it all goes wrong?
  • I may look stupid if it fails.
  • What if I lose all my money.

Whilst a certain amount of caution never goes a miss and yes you should weigh things up, but you need to review what’s going on in your mind. Is your fear of failure just covering up what looks like procrastination (see point 3 below), or is it something else at your mind’s subconscious level. Is it a confidence problem perhaps and by fearing failure and by not starting in the first place, you protect yourself and keep your self esteem in tact.

Embrace failure as a step towards success

I know for myself that as soon as I embraced failure, my life began to change. Most people have a fear or failure, it’s just that that some have it worse than others. The shames is they don’t even try because there’s a chance of not succeeding.

This is why they never see their dreams come true. On a conscious level it’s about re-framing failure is a gift or as a learning mechanism. It’s about changing the mindset to look at failure as a key step on your way to success. How about reading this quote on a daily basis:

I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas A Edison – inventor of the light bulb.

The fear of failure is not your fault

Wow! Did I just say that. Was that music to your ears? The fear of failure is not your fault. Let me qualify what I’ve just said there.

When I say that it’s not your fault, I’m not saying you can shrug your responsibility of the problem, as it’s only you that can affect a change. What I mean is that it’s all in the mind, and whilst it’s your mind, you don’t really have control of what goes no.

The most powerful part of your mind is the subconscious, so in effect it’s not really your fault that there’s an error in your “code”. However, what is your fault and what is certainly within your power and responsibility is what you do about it. As your subconscious can be reprogrammed or re-trained.

Time to change your subconscious mind

Don’t worry too much about whether you have a fear of failure or not. The reason I say that is because the likelihood is that even if you do fear failure, you may struggle to change it on a conscious level.

That’s because fears of this type are sat deep within your subconscious. You can’t undo whats been done consciously to you as you grew up as a child, that bit wasn’t your fault. But if you don’t choose to change, that is your fault. Which means somehow you need to speak to your inner mind and reprogram your subconscious. So how do you do that?

What’s the solution to a fear of failure?

The first solution is to visit a hypnotherapist near to where you live, but I know this isn’t always easy if you have a job. But then who do you see? Do you know someone who’s already seen a local hypnotherapist who can make a recommendation?

But instead of worrying about taking a day of work, or worrying about the reputation of your nearest hypnotherapist, what I’d recommend is to try a program like Mind Secrets Exposed instead.

Don’t worry that the program talks about making 2015 your best year ever, because guest what…people’s minds and the way they work hasn’t changed since 2015. In fact you probably don’t need me to tell you that the human mind hasn’t changed in hundreds, if not thousands of years.

For the cost of one session with a hypnotherapist, you could invest in this amazing resource instead. Worst case scenario is you get a full refund using their 60-day money back guarantee.

2. The fear of success

While the fear of success phobia (Achievemephobia) may seem weird to many; it is actually a very real social phobia. It can make things difficult for the phobic: from getting hired, messing up one’s relationships to making him/her a prisoner in this situation.”

Achievemephobia is an unconscious phobia: often an individual is unaware that he has it. People suffering from Achievemephobia are not able to handle success: they might go on a spate of self destructive behavior: drinking, drugs, sex etc and end up losing all that they have achieved.”

Fearof.net – Fear of Success Phobia – Achievemephobia

To me this sounds almost more bonkers than the no. 1 reason why people don’t achieve financial success (i.e. fear of failure), but don’t worry I’m not judging you because I’ve spend thousands on my mind too.

How is it possible to fear success?

It almost seems like an oxymoron, which is a contradictory figure of speech. How can you fear success I hear you say? But also, how do you know if you have a fear success in the first place?

These are all very good questions and once again I’m not sure if the answers are that important really. Because even if you know you have a fear of success, what then?

Just like the fear of failure in point one above, the fear of success will also be deep within your mindset. You need to in effectively edit your neurology so as to take back control not on a conscious level, but at a subconscious level. The decision to invest in any of the courses linked to from this article will be a conscious decision, but they way each one works will be on a sub-conscious level.

The fear of failure is also not your fault

What I don’t want to happen when you read that the fear of success is not your fault, is to not take action. If you do nothing, regardless of whether or not you have a fear of success, that is your fault.

The fact that your mind is programmed in such a way your behaviour demonstrates your fear of success isn’t your fault. Instead, this is as a result of years of ‘brain washing’, which mostly happens in your informative years of growing up as a kid.

These behaviours are to a large extend outside of your control. Or certainly outside of your conscious control. But as explained, taking action is within your power. Failing to do something will be your fault and will mean you stay where you are.

As with the fear of failure, the first option would be to visit a hypnotherapist near you. But as already explained this isn’t always easy if you have a job. However, instead of worrying about taking a day of work, or worrying about the reputation of your nearest hypnotherapist, I still recommend you try a program like Mind Secrets Exposed instead.

3. Making excuses and procrastinating

Are you good at making excuses? Or in fact have you not realised you are making excuses. Let’s take a look at a few excuses you may or may not recogise:

  • I’m not ready to start because…
  • It’s really not the time for me at the moment because…
  • It will take too long to do…
  • I’m too old to start now…
  • I don’t have enough money to begin…
  • I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to do…
  • People will think I weird or stupid if I do…
  • I’m not good enough to do…
  • I’m too young to succeed…
  • I don’t have the time to…

I could continue with excuse after excuse and I hope that at least one of the above excuses resonates with you.

The number one excuse people use to avoid success

Let’s take one of the no. 1 excuses for many people, which is “I don’t have the time to…”. I would be willing to bet that if I set you a task starting from the minute you finish reading this article to list what you spend your time doing over the coming week, you will be able to find at least 5-10 spare hours to do what ever it takes to change your life.

Take the challenge and post your results…if you dare

Please do the task and not down what you spend your time doing. I’d also be willing to bet that within what you spend your time on over a week, there will be a number of hours spent watching TV. Oh but I must watch XYZ or there’s a new series with XYZ actor in. Whatever the add-on excuse, it’s just another excuse to allow you to procrastinate further.

I then dare you to post your results in the comments below. If I’m wrong so be it, but I doubt anyone will be able to say they can’t find 5 hours to free up time to spend on changing your life for the better.

4. You’re too easily distracted

Let me admit to this one too, I am very easily distracted. Aren’t we all? But actually, what was the game changer for me was getting focused on what I love, and what I love is to help others and to I love to write. I take great pleasure in researching articles like this one.

I love to find new and great products that are going to change people’s lives. But also, ever since I went through cancer and found my love of writting after writing and publishing my first novel, distractions are sucha problem.

But you know what,in order to publish that novel, I first had to overcome my fear of failure. It didn’t matter what others thought, I wanted to get my story out there.

Distractions fall into possibly two categories:

  1. People distractions: This is probably the most challenging one to overcome. Especially if you’re a social butterfly. When that friend say are you coming out or invites you to a party, are you one to always say yes? These are distractions. Don;t worry, I’m not asking you to become Mr or Mrs boring, all I’m asking of you is to re-balance your life and ask yourself some important questions that’s all.
  2. Stuff distractions: With this I mean things like watching TV, or finding the next nugget of gold and going off at tangents all of the time. Don’t keep looking for that get rich quick scheme, because they don’t exist. Do you know that one of the most powerful lessons you can take from this article, is the power of “NO“.

If you choose to work on your goals and strive for a better life, while others prefer the easier way of living, there’s nothing wrong in that. You just have to believe it to be true. In the short term there may be some sacrifices you have to make and cut out some of those activities that only bring temporary happiness.

5. You allow the past to influence the future

I’m not going to say to much on this one, but I will give you a saying I heard and love, which is:

Living in the past is depression; living in the future is anxiety; but living in the present is peace.”

Learn from the past, but don’t live there. There’s nothing you can do to change what has happened. By re-living what has happened will only help to keep you in a state of depression.

6. Your life is lived in the future and you worry too much

As with the previous section about living in the past, I don’t intend to say too much. I will however, repeat the saying from above, as follows:

Living in the past is depression; living in the future is anxiety; but living in the present is peace.”

Whereas you can’t change the past so there’s no point in getting stuck there, the future is slightly different. You can affect or change your future by changing what you do today or right now.

However, if you do the same today, as you did the day before or in fact the week before and so on, nothing in the future will change. But there’s no point in living in the future and creating anxieties about what may or may not happen.

Living in the future is a mindset issue

I will admit once more that I have before lived in the future. I have since used mindset techniques like Mindzoom and The Panic Miracle to prevent me from creating this irrational thoughts about future doomsday scenarios. In fact even though my mindset is much stronger than it ever was and my success goes from strength to strength, I still use Mindzoom on my computer everyday.

Mindzoom works with subliminal messages popping up on your screen so you’re almost unaware of them, but the messages are going into your subconscious.

7. You think success is all about making big leaps, when in fact small consistent steps are more likely to win the end game

This is another one of the obstacles that might prevent financial goals from being achieved that I suffered from myself. I would keep thinking I have to do massive steps to become successful, when in fact it’s the complete opposite.

This is possibly one of the hardest challenges I found to change my mindset over. I can be a bit gung-ho at times and just want it now. But you have to learn to be patient and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Take small consistent steps rather than large inconsistent leaps

It’s about taking small and consistent steps, with consistency being the operative word. It’s far easier to do loads of small steps on a consistent basis than it is to do lots of large inconsistent leaps.

Think about how you would eat an elephant…a bit at a time. The same is true of creating success and wealth too. But let me leave you with someone who I feel helped me a lot. His name is Igor Alexander Ledochowski and he has two courses that are definitely worth looking in to.

Who is Igor Ledochowski I hear you ask?

Igor Ledochowski is the founder of the Hypnosis Training Academy and a Master hypnosis trainer. He has not only created some amazing hypnosis training products, but he has also many products around conversational hypnosis, and persuasion.

What are the obstacles that prevent financial goals from being achieved got to do with a hypnosis trainer?

The course I purchased myself is the Money in Your Mind. What you’ll learn from Igor is how he made many of the same mistakes that I made and probably similar to the ones you’ve made too. He’s a very down to earth guy, but he is someone whose had huge success.

But he suggest you begin with seeking financial freedom first before going for wealth. This is key and it’s true. With financial freedom you own your time instead of someone else owning your time, like a boss.

You can click on the link about or find out more in this article here: Igor Ledochowski Course Review (Scam or Not a Scam?) Igor will help you to overcome every emotional obstacle to wealth and help you to leave the “time-money” trap behind.

But also, let me remind you of a program that’s designed to help you succeed and I recommend which is the Mind Secrets Exposed.

Don’t forget the challenge too

Plus don’t forget the challenge I set you in the excuses section…I look forward to your comments about how much time you’ve managed to save. The real competition for me is who can save the most time. And then to dedicate this extra time to achieving your financials goals. Whilst remembering that it’s not about doing huge steps, but rather it’s about taking small consistent steps every single week. This can be done with an extra 5 hours too.

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What are the obstacles that prevent financial goals from being achieved?

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