What does evergreen niche mean? (Plus 7 evergreen niches to promote)

Evergreen niches for affiliate marketing or eCommerce businesses and what it means

If you’re a newbie to affiliate marketing or about to start an eCommerce business, and you’ve heard the term “evergreen niche“, just to confirm, they’re not talking about Christmas trees! If you’re not sure what it means, this article explains the term; whilst giving you a few examples of evergreen niches.

What does evergreen niche mean - Plus 7 evergreen niches to promote large

What does evergreen niche mean in 15 seconds…

An evergreen niche is an industry which has an everlasting appeal. A niche is ‘evergreen’ if you can imagine it being around in 10-20 years time or longer. Also, any good evergreen niche doesn’t usually suffer from seasonal trends and they don’t necessarily require gimmicks to attract customers. This is because generally speaking evergreen niche products or services are ones that people naturally need or desire.

What is an evergreen niche?

An evergreen niche is an industry in which you should be able to make money year-after-year. It should have an everlasting appeal. It is a market where you can imagine the products or services being around and needed in 10-20 years time or longer.

A good evergreen niche doesn’t usually have seasonal trends which is because generally the products or services are ones that people naturally need or desire all of the time.

Why evergreen niches are ideal for affiliate marketing and eCommerce

The main reasons why you should choose an evergreen niche for your new affiliate marketing business or for your eCommerce business include the following:

  • Evergreen products or services make money year-on-year and are worth the investment.
  • They represent a lower risk to affiliate marketers for both an investment of time and money. What you don’t want to happen after making a huge effort in building a search engine friendly website or blog, which is now receiving a good traffic flow, is to find that the product or service your website is marketing has gone out of fashion. All your hard work will have been wasted.
  • Evergreen niches offer good long-term profits for your affiliate marketing business. This is especially important when considering a content marketing affiliate business.

What are evergreen products and services with 7 examples

For a product or service to fall into the category of evergreen it needs to always be in demand irrespective of the season of the year or the era that you’re in.

The following are examples of evergreen niches:

  1. Health, fitness and weight loss: People will always want to be healthy and it’s very likely that people will always need to lose weight.
  2. Self-help, motivation and personal development: People have been looking to self-help for years and will continue to do so into the future. The same goes for motivation and personal development.
  3. Mental health and well-being: Hypnosis and psychology is very much an evergreen niche.
  4. Spirituality: Spirituality has been around for years and is likely to be the case for many years to come.
  5. Business and investing: Business is hundreds of years old, as is investing, which makes this a great evergreen niche to choose.
  6. Sports and hobbies: There are many sports and hobbies that will always be around, but be careful to not go into any fads. Whilst not a sport as such, the Fidget Spinner was definitely a short term fad.
  7. Relationships and dating: This is a great niche to enter and is definitely an evergreen niche.

The above list includes the main evergreen niche topics, however, there are many sub-niches within each one. It’s much better to market to a sub-niche, as there’s likely to be less competition.

For example, fitness is a huge niche and extremely competitive. However, there are many fitness sub niches you can enter, where the competition won’t be as strong.

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What does evergreen niche mean? (Plus 7 evergreen niches to promote)

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