What universities offer affiliate marketing programs (6 college alternatives)

Are there any college affiliate programs to learn affiliate marketing?

If you are looking into what universities offer affiliate marketing programs, you may be disappointed to know that right now there are no formal colleges or universities that teach affiliate marketing. But all is not lost as there a many online course that teach you affiliate marketing, which includes the CB University.

What universities offer affiliate marketing programs
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If you’re looking for what universities offer affiliate marketing programs you might be disappointed. But in this article I give you 6 quicker and much cheaper alternatives. The average university student in the UK leaves university with in excess of £50,000 of debt. In the US this is lower but close to $30,000!

What universities offer affiliate marketing programs?

If you want to find universities that have affiliate marketing programs for you to join to learn from as a beginner to affiliate marketing. If you want to become an affiliate marketer to earn and online income…What are you options.

As already mentioned, there are no formal universities that offer affiliate marketing programs. But don’t see this as a negative. In my opinion in could work in your favour.

University student debt in the UK rises to more than £50,000!

University student debt in the UK rises to more than £50,000 and in the US close to $30,000

For example, if you looking into what universities offer affiliate marketing programs in the UK. But also, if you want to attend a three-year university degree course which requires you to get student digs too. According to the BBC, you’d find is that at the end of your university degree, you’ll may be in debt to the tune of £57,000 plus!

Students in England are going to graduate with average debts of £50,800, after interest rates are raised on student loans to 6.1%, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Those from the poorest backgrounds, with more loans available to support them, will graduate with debts of over £57,000 says the think tank.”

The BBC – Student debt rising to more than £50,000, says IFS

The amount of debt in the US appears to be lower in America, but is still high. For example and according to Forbes, student debt in the US in 2017 averaged $28,650.

The alternative to huge student debt

The alternative to getting into student debt, whether you’re in the UK, the USA or where ever in the world is to spend a smaller amount of money for an online course instead.

This is in my opinion the more logical and sensible approach. This applies to you whether you’re a young student about to leave school, as it does if you’re a mature student.

Let’s take a look at the alternatives to a formal college or university degree on affiliate marketing.

Alternatives to university affiliate marketing program degrees

Alternatives to university affiliate marketing program degrees

The following courses are alternatives to University or college affiliate marketing programs or courses:

  1. CB University – taught 70,000+ students – Join here right now.
  2. Affilorama – The #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Portal – Join here right now.
  3. The 12 Minute Affiliate System – Join here right now.
  4. 1K A Day Fast Track – Join here right now.
  5. Super Affiliate System with John Crestani – Join here right now.
  6. Commission Here with Robby Blanchard – Join here right now.

Whilst most of the above links will take you to a ‘Free Training’ section, for you to properly learn affiliate marketing you will be better off to sign up to their paid-for training. You may also bet interested to learn that Pathway2Passive is a course run by Affilorama mentioned above – I review this training course here.

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But keep in mind how much you were prepared to pay for a full university course on affiliate marketing. Not to mention the cost of the student digs. Plus you having to work a part time job in one fast-food restaurant or another.

A side hustle to pay for university

You may alternatively be reading this article on finding a side hustle to pay your way through university. You subject at university may not be anything to do with affiliate marketing at all.

I hope you enjoyed this article about what universities offer affiliate marketing programs

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What universities offer affiliate marketing programs (6 college alternatives)

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