Can I promote ClickBank products on Facebook? (Promoting affiliate links in 2020)

How to make money with Clickbank using Facebook

If you want to begin making affiliate income using Clickbank in 2020, you may also be wondering “can I promote ClickBank products on Facebook?” Let’s begin by looking at, and understanding a bit about what Clickbank is all about. But also why you might want to use Facebook to promote your chosen niche.

Can I promote ClickBank products on Facebook - Promoting affiliate links
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Quick fire answer to can I promote ClickBank products on Facebook. The answer is absolutely yes Facebook is a great platform to promote affiliate products found on ClickBank. In fact Facebook is a great way to start your new affiliate business. It works because it’s a ready source of ‘free or paid for traffic‘, without the need for a website. This ready-made-traffic will convert into leads and ultimately into sales of your product’s niche. Which ultimately will convert into affiliate commission in your bank account.

What is ClickBank and how does it work?

Clickbank is a market place where vendors or entrepreneurs list their products for you to promote. There are thousands of affiliate products to choose from on Clickbank.

These products range from arts and entertainment, to business and investing, through to sports and travel. Plus everything in-between!

Is ClickBank free for affiliates?

One thing is for sure, there’s no lacking in products or niches to promote from within Clickbank. But one of the other great things about setting up a ClickBank account is that it’s free to do so for affiliates.

Clickbank pay you an affiliate fee for each sale you generate for your chosen product or niche. Some of the niches on ClickBank payout high rates of affiliate commissions, which can sometimes be as much as 70% of the sales price of the products you’re promoting!

That’s a wow moment right there. This means for every $100 you manage to sell of someone else’s product, you get $70. Imagine making just one sale per day of a $100 product…this would equate to an income of $25,550 per annum. Or put another way, this would pay you an extra monthly income of over $2,000.

A great little side hustle you might say. But what if you can find a second product to promote, then a third and so on. Soon you may find you’ve just replaced your income from your day job! Then you have a choice. Having choices means you have freedom.

How ClickBank works

When you find a product that you wish to promote, which you do by searching the ClickBank marketplace, you’ll be provided with a unique link. It’s this unique link you use to direct customers to the product page. You then promote this same link on Facebook.

It’s because this link is unique to you that you earn commission when people click on it. The ClickBank System will know this is your link, and when a person purchases a product after clicking ‘your’ link, you get the credit and the associated affiliate commission is paid to you.

And voila, you have yourself a neat little side hustle business to earn some extra cash on the side or begin to replace your day job salary and taking steps to leave the rat-race!

How to make money with Clickbank using Facebook

How to make money with Clickbank using Facebook

As already explained in the quick fire answer at the start of this article, Facebook is a great platform to promote Clickbank products.

You can promote your chosen affiliate product either with free or paid for traffic, or both. The free traffic method will take more time to develop and more work on your part, but you can use this to test your niche. Use the free traffic on Facebook to see if it converts. If it does, then scale it up using paid traffic by running Facebook adverts.

To create a great funnel that works on Facebook, make sure you pick the right products on ClickBank. You do this by looking at the stats for each product provided by Clickbank on the ‘Market Place‘. I recommend you go for affiliate products which have a high gravity rating.

Feeling bamboozled or confused

But if you are feeling bamboozled or worried about not fully understanding how to begin your affiliate marketing business, you may consider the ClickBank University. Training is one of the best things you can invest in. The best thing you can do is to invest in yourself.

You could learn affiliate marketing by researching everything online. You can learn what’s involved by doing it the hard way, which could take quite some time. Or alternatively, you could speed the process up by learning from the experts in affiliate marketing.

ClickBank Builder works well with Facebook

An alternative, or in fact an add-on to learning affiliate marketing with the ClickBank University, you could try using ClickBank Builder.

Don’t get left behind.

ClickBank Builder is the ONLY sales funnel builder dedicated to working SEAMLESSLY with #1 information product sales platform, ClickBank.

This gives maximum opportunity to focus on what matters most: Your marketing.

With ClickBank Builder, you have unparalleled power, functionality and flexibility to create HIGH-CONVERTING sales funnels, membership sites, sales pages, optin pages and so much more.”

ClickBank Builder

Is ClickBank safe to use?

ClickBank is one of the leading affiliate programs for digital items. And yes, click bank is very safe to use and there are many extremely high converting products to promote.

ClickBank is a great place to begin your affiliate business journey. Cut your teeth learning how to sell affiliate products with ClickBank, and the look for other affiliate programs on the internet.

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Can I promote ClickBank products on Facebook? (Promoting affiliate links in 2020)

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