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Jim Treliving net worth is estimated at £419 million (USD $565 million; CAD $700 million) – Dragon on Dragons den and built his fortune in a pizza franchise business…

Jim Treliving net worth articleThis article is about Canadian businessman ‘Jim Treliving net worth‘. A successful Canadian pizza entrepreneur and CBC Dragons Den dragon. He’s regarded as a franchise expert, owning over 400 franchise sites across three countries.

Main sections of this article on Jim Treliving:

Known as Pizza Jim, this 70+ year old business man, turned venture capitalist, is not showing any signs of slowing down and is full of energy.

I put this down to his passion for business and to his characteristic entrepreneurial tenacity. Both are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.

He’s also known for his integrity. A trait I recognise well, as this was one passed on to me from my father and one which is so important in whatever you do.

From Mountie to entrepreneur and from owning one franchise as a franchisee, to owning the whole business with his business partner in around 15 years.

Why this article on Jim Treliving?

  • Jim Treliving is another successful entrepreneur I found through my interest in Dragons Den.
  • At one stage I nearly purchased a pizza franchise, so there’s an added interest in this pizza franchise entrepreneur.
  • Many people are interested in Jim Treliving and his net worth through his involvement as an angel investor on CBC’s Dragons Den so I wanted to share what I’d found.

What is Jim Treliving net worth?

Jim Treliving’s net worth is estimated at around £419 million (USD $565 million; CAD $700 million) in 2017. He amassed his huge wealth through his Boston Pizza franchise business. This extremely successful pizza franchise business, along with his other businesses, have estimated combined revenues of over $1 billion.

Most of its revenues derive from nearly 350 locations across Canada, but they also sell pizzas in the US and Mexico too.

From a pizza empire to property, Jim and his business partner have amassed a huge wealth. Plus he shows no signs of slowing up, despite his senior years. Treliving is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and one to be looked up to and admired.

Dragons Den Jim Treliving…

The net worth of Jim Treliving is being utilised and added to through his investments on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. He’s now the only original Dragon on the show having seen the likes of Robert Herjavec come and go and Arlene Dickinson too.

Dragon Pizza Jim is appearing on Dragons Den Canada alongside fellow current dragons Michele Romanow, Michael Wekerle, Manjit Minhasfashion entrepreneur Joe Mimran and returning dragon Arlene Dickinson.

The Big Decision with Jim Treliving and Arlene DickinsonNot only is Jim Treliving on Dragons’ Den, but he’s also appearing alongside Arlene Dickinson on The Big Decision. Both established personalities on CBC, they appear on this newer show, which is similar in some ways to Dragons’ Den as it’s all about businesses and entrepreneurs.

However, Treliving says that the show is different an explains it on The Canadian Business Journal as follows: ““It’s a lot more intense in the fact that you’re by yourself,”, he continues his explanation of the difference: “You can’t sort of scoot out and hide from the deal but I look at the deals I know I like and they’re bigger, and that’s exciting to me.

Where life began for Pizza Jim…

Treliving began his career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but it was in 1968 that his fortunes were set to change. He noticed the growing popularity of Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House.

He began by buying into a single franchise of the business and then joined forces with Chartered Accountant George Melville. The duo bought the whole chain from the then owner Ron Coyle in 1983 and by 1995 they have revenues in excess of £66 million( USD $89 million; CAD $110 million).

One of Jim Treliving’s sayings “No one makes money without a little elbow grease.

No one makes money without a little elbow grease.

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Jim Treliving businesses…

In addition to being the Boston Pizza owner, Jim Treliving owns Mr Lube via his investment company T&M group. Mr Lube is a chain of automotive service centres across Canada. In addition to a variety of other businesses, Jim owns real estate too with his business partner George Melville.

Jim Treliving investments…

With the motto “I make decisions about work with my heart, about money with my head, and about people with my gut.” Jim Treliving is the ideal candidate to have on Dragons Den.

Jim Treliving investments he’s made since appearing on Dragons Den Canada include his investment in Skylar and Chloe Sinow. Their business “kids Can Cook Gourmet” received a £15,000 (USD $20,000; CAD $25,000) investment in return for a 10% stake in the business for Jim.

A foodie Dragons Den investment…

Another foodie den investment he made was in Steeped Tea. Hatem & Tonia Jahshan from Hamilton were asking for £150,000, (USD $200,000; CAD $250,000) in return for a 20% stake in the business. In the end they partnered with David Chilton and Jim Treliving, each having 10% of the business for £75,000 (USD $100,000; CAD $125,000). They turned down offers of £180k (USD $240k; $300k) for a 30% stake from Kevin O’leary and £150k (USD $200; CAD $250k) for 18% stake from Arlene Dickinson.

Velofix Mobile Bike Shop Jim Treliving Dragons Den investment

Another of Jim Treliving Dragons Den investments is Velofix. A larger investment for Treliving of £180,000 (USD $240,000; CAD $300,000) for a 20% equity stake this time. Entrepreneurs Chris Guillemet, Simon Whitfield and Boris Martin presented their mobile bike repair business to the entreprenreurs of Dragons Den. But they wanted Jim Treliving with his franchise experience to invest, as they were looking to expand out from Canada and into the USA.

The business slogan is “Save Time, Ride More”, and from having just two vans on the road and a £160k (USD $ 220; CAD $270k) turnover when they appeared on the show, they soon went to having five vans and £455k (USD $614k; CAD $760k) in sales post dragon investment.

Trelivings investments are increasing all the time, as is his net wealth too, despite his age. He has an amazing energy for life and for business.

Jim Treliving wife…

Jim Treliving wife Sandi TrelivingJim Trelving’s wife Sandi Treliving travels everywhere with him as a supporting wife. Sandi is his third wife and they’ve been married since 2002. He is determined for this third marriage to last, which is one of the reasons they go to most places together.

Jim and Sandi have two children, a son and a daughter.

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Pizza Jim Treliving net worth

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