Technopreneurship Definition – Techpreneurs

Techpreneurs and Technopreneurship Definition

Technopreneurship definition - techpreneurs
Technopreneurship definition – techpreneurs

This article is about techpreneurs or technopreneurs. As with other types of entrepreneurs and preneur articles I’ve written, techpreneurs are essentially tech and entrepreneur wrapped up into one term. The article includes the technopreneurship definition too.

The term tech is all about technology, computers, and all things techy. Whereas preneur is about taking risk. So by putting these tow terms together, you you get geeks and nerds who are happy to take a risk to bring technology to the market.

As I love anything entrepreneurial and business, I thought I’d share further insights into techpreneurs in this article, but before I do let’s take a look at the technopreneurship definition:

Technopreneurship Definition

According to the Collins Dictionary, techpreneurs (or a technopreneur) are entrepreneurs who starts and manage their own technology business. Looking up the specific technopreneurship definition in the same dictionary, this refers back to the noun technopreneur.

The name stems from the 1990’s and is a blend of ‘techno’…to be into the technical computer world or ‘techy’ and ‘entrepreneur‘…a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risk.

So who are techpreneurs?

Technopreneurship definition - techpreneurs including Elon Musk - one of the famous technopreneurs
Technopreneurship definition – techpreneurs including Elon Musk

The billionaire Elon Musk has been referred to as a ‘daring and audacious techpreneur‘. Elon Musk is known more recently as the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla.

Furthermore, Musk is seen as a disrupture. He has demolished the myth that outsourcing is the best way to cut costs.

Elon Musk falls into the types of entrepreneurs who are happy to risk it all.

Other successful and known techpreneurs include Bill Gates. Gates is Co-founder and owner of one of the most successful tech companies of all time, Microsoft. We must not forget of course the late Steve Jobs.

Of course Steve Jobs has been made even more famous through the film about him, Pirates of Silicon Valley of him as a technopreneur. A biographical film about the men who made the world of technology what it is today.

The film shows his struggles during college, through to founding of their companies. The move also demonstrates the ingenious actions they took to build up the global corporate empires. In this case Steve Jobs business Apple Computer Corporation.

It’s interesting to have both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the same article.

Both techpreneurs, as these two have crossed each others paths on a number of occasions.

Steve Jobs company Apple, has fought Microsoft in the past. The same Apple-Company has also had investment from the very same company at times when it was struggling. This has been an interesting computer and software technology battle to watch.

What is the importance of technopreneurship?

Ever since the very first computer, technopreneurship and the techpreneurs behind the companies that create innovative technology, has been a huge part of our changing lives. Going back to Elon Musk, one of the worlds leading technopreneurs, he is looking to change the way we drive our cars with Tesla.

The Tesla vehicles claim to be ‘the longest range, active safety, quickest production car on Earth!‘ These cars are built around electric and battery technology.

Most importantly and because they are battery-powered vehicles, they are designed to save fuel costs. Teslar cars are a green-business product.

This is just one example of the importance of technopreneurship. This example is an entrepreneur is working towards saving energy, cutting fuel emission and helping to save the planet through technology.

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Technopreneurship Definition – Techpreneurs

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