Simon Coulson is the definition of an interpreneur or an internet-entrepreneur. He went from a BT employee to making over £20 million in revenues from his online businesses. His story began by selling a how-to guide on buying property in Bulgaria, to creating many profitable online businesses.

To follow in Simon’s footsteps and be a successful interpreneur, you simply need to find your niche. If your niche has a big enough audience you could be the next big online entrepreneur.

Simon teaches how he made his millions at The Internet Business School. This hands-on three-day course teaches you everything from building websites to SEO and social media.

Lori Greiner Net Worth

Lori Greiner is a successful business woman and TV celebrity. Lori Greiner has an estimated net worth of over $50 million, having set up a business aged 26 with a $300k loan.

From her first invention of a jewelry box, she has since gone on to own over 120 patents. Her business Your Easy Only Inc. has grossed over $500,000,000 in sales since inception.

Known as the Queen of QVC and now the warm blooded shark on America’s entrepreneur show Shark Tank. She’s become a venture capitalist and mentor to many businesses she’s invested in from being on the popular Shark Tank show.

Michele Romanow net worth

Michele Romanow is the youngest dragon on Canadian’s Dragons Den. With a net worth of over £112 million (USD $150 million; CAD $187 million), this successful woman entrepreneur is a true inspiration.

Her first caviar business failed. Her next business, a mobile couponing app company SnapSaves was sold to Groupon. Michele Romanow has now moved from a tech entrepreneur to a Fintech entrepreneur.

A Canadian celebrity after appearing on Dragons Den, with an ever growing success. This confident woman in business offered to invest a staggering $1 million in TDot Performance on the ABC show.


Mumpreneur or Mumtrepreneur, which is an entrepreneurial mum with children and with a business.

There are many ideas to run with for a mumpreneur business. At the bottom of the article is an inspirational piece on how some mums turned ideas into successful multi-million pound worldwide businesses.

Details of mumpreneur networking locations across the UK and help for international mumpreneurs from places like the USA, Australia, Germany, France and more.

Teenpreneur – An Aspiring Teen Entrepreneur

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Most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

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