Web Business Development

Web business development is at the top of the list of things to get right with your business and even today it amazes how many businesses still operate without a website or with one that does not work.

The balance to get right with any website is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the design of the site so that it looks pleasing to the eye.

So to optimize your website for search terms for your business you need to incorporate those words on your pages, in the title and in the description. Web Business Development is an ongoing process – so even if you have optimized once you will need to keep working on your site. One important side to website development is link building as this is one aspect of SEO that all search engines take account of.

Using blogs to build links is one good method as this can build ‘link-power’ if the links are ‘follow’ links, but even if they are not then you will help to build your Alexa rank by having people visiting your site from as many places as possible.

Web Business Development

18 thoughts on “Web Business Development

  1. Hi Nick – to get investment on your website does depend on the website you are looking for investment on, what sort of return it is likely to make for the investor, how much you are looking for as an investment and how much you have put in yourself – there are some really great website ideas, for example Facebook, that gained high level investment to get them off the ground.

  2. SEO starts with the foundation of the website design. An important part is to connect early on to your niche, especially region. For example, working in your location such as Calgary, Alberta will help your pages rank for that keyword. SEO and design can be aligned to be a very powerful tool for any business website. Nice post!

  3. The internet is an essential part of modern businesses, and anyone failing to realise this has effectively crippled their chances of success

  4. I don’t think Alexa rank is a ranking factor for google, at least not a significant one, as it can be played.

    SEO should start with making your site completely optimised in a newspaper fashion, i.e. one headline, some sub headings, etc. some bold text, some italic, some pictures, etc. Then linking through a wide range of methods is key.

  5. wow…! Very nice post. Very useful idea. I love to read SEO articles. Thanks for sharing a very useful information about seo.

  6. It’s a shame that too many small businesses do not realise the importance of having a quality website, not just for the extra traffic but also giving a more professional image. Consumers expect to see a website for your business and when there is nothing or a poor ‘free’ website it puts doubt in your customers mind.

  7. Very true..the way of advertising your business or services right now is through online marketing and with the right strategy to optimize your site definitely you will gain traffic to make your site at the first rank of search engines.

  8. Great post. your link power idea is great. seo is really a great thing to learn.



  9. Businesses who still do not embrace the Internet and website will be left behind. They may not see the losses today but one day they will realize how much losses they have accumulated for failing to go online.

  10. While I do agree with you totally, one really important aspect of developing good SEO is having quality links. Get links from sites that relate to your content.

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