Business blog – what makes a good business blog?

I have now had my in business blog running for a few years and it struck me this morning why not write an article on what makes a good business blog.

The articles I have written so far have come from my own experiences either in business or from the property I have owned or sold or for that matter, businesses I have bought and sold. Leading from this I did also set up my business forum, which I now feel is gaining momentum, and interestingly, this has taken on its own ‘life’ as it were and heads off in very different directions and is more user driven, whereas this blog is ‘me’ driven.

I do find it difficult to get inspiration sometimes, and I prefer to write articles from the heart, rather than taking an article from someone else with my own spin on it, however, when I look at other business blogs, it always amazes me at how prolific they are in their writing and how many articles are pushed out.

I do get many comments on the blog posts I do and I take an interest in what people have to say about what I have said, which inspires me to continue writing. However, the comments I would encourage on this article, would be to see if I have the balance right on my business blog, or questions on business that you might like to hear about or ask about and I will set about writing these articles.

My personal view is that a good business blog, is one written by a person that has actually been in business or by someone that runs at least one reasonably sized business, so that the articles are experience led rather than theory and text book led. I know for my own part, I always love to speak with or to listen to fellow entrepreneurs about how they  do business so that I too can learn more.

A new venture I am embarking on myself, which is totally new, is to put together an investment syndicate for the purpose of investing in another business, once I have achieved this, I will be writing an article on how I went about it and what it achieved. This is something I am really excited about and I am hoping that I will help to make money for the investment syndicate. I am also hoping that articles of this nature are what makes a good business blog.

Business blog – what makes a good business blog?

One thought on “Business blog – what makes a good business blog?

  1. Great post Russell.

    One of the things I come across, as someone who builds websites and blogs for small businesses, is that many people in business have the fear of having to be constantly writing.
    Normally I’m able to assuage that fear by suggesting that they use voice recognition or stick to just a couple of short posts each week. Or maybe even outsourcing the writing.
    Business blogging is growing but there really is some way to go get the business community sold on the concept.


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