Peter Jones net worth – Entrepreneur and BBC Dragons Den Investor

Peter Jones net worth estimated at over £475 million – a successful telecoms entrepreneur who is most known as a dragon on Dragons Den…

Peter Jones net worth

This article is about Dragons’ Den Peter Jones net worth. Also referred to as “Peter Jones Tycoon” and is 262 on the 2017 Sunday Times Rich List. Listed 19th on the 25 richest people in UK tech in 2017.

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My interest in Peter Jones is three-fold…

  • He’s an extremely successful entrepreneur and a self-made man.
  • Peter Jones is a tech entrepreneur and I have a huge interest in techpreneurs.
  • He appears on my favourite TV show Dragons’ Den.

Peter Jones entrepreneur is a successful tech and telecoms entrepreneur who is famous for his appearances on BBC’s Dragons Den. Jones is a self-made man and made his fortune from scratch, having come from a working-class background. I love to learn about success and to understand how entrepreneurs ‘make-it‘.

Another very successful businessman, Peter Jones has taken part in a number of the BBC series “Dragons Den“, which is a show I love. I especially love the show when an entrepreneur enters the ‘den’ and they get investment from the angel investors.

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I do cringe when the dragons are especially hard on entrepreneurs, and Peter Jones can be extremely harsh sometimes. He’s a canny investor and he’s been known to use this technique to side-step his fellow dragons.

He’s tried to make comments about businesses to deliberately affect the decisions of the other dragons, so that he’s left in control and able to invest himself on terms that favour him.

Why an article on Peter Jones net worth?

As with my other net worth articles, people are fascinated by entrepreneurs worth. Peter Jones is successful and continues to grow in wealth through his business-savvy investments.

I love to research and write about successful entrepreneurs. I usually end up finding out things that I didn’t know before. What I didn’t know about him before I wrote this article, is what he intends to do with his enormous wealth. Please read on for more on this…

How much is Peter Jones net worth?

Chris Dawson meets Peter Jones two high net worth entrepreneursPeter Jones net worth is estimated at over £475 million. Jones fortunes turned around when he set up Phones International Group. His first business couple of businesses didn’t do too well. He made a significant loss when he sold his cocktail bar based on the Tom Cruise movie.

After Peter Jones made his money in the telecoms industry, he has gone on to add to his considerable net worth with many successful Dragons Den investments.

Many will have also seen him on the BT business adverts for computer and IT support. This advert will had added to his fame as well as to fill his pockets up with my money.

Peter Jones Dragons Den…

Peter Jones entrepreneur has been one of the longest standing angel investors on the BBC Dragons Den show. A straight-talking business man is known to get annoyed with entrepreneurs who don’t know their figures. He gets even more annoyed with entrepreneurs who over-value their business.

He is often seen cut entrepreneurs down to size. There was no exception on the first in the 15th series, when Peter Jones confirmed he was out when an investor came on with what he felt was a ridiculous value for his fledgling business.

His co-dragon Deborah Meaden has been there with him for a long time too. But is now joined by two new Dragons Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell.

Peter Jones has also gone on to judge the hit American TV series American Inventor which is a reality television series based on a search for America’s best inventor. This show was his original idea which he sold to ABC, which was co-produced by Fremantle and Simon Cowell.

Peter Jones Dragons Den investments which contributed to his net worth…

Peter Jones worth has been contributed to through many successful Dragons Den investments. The most notable for me is his investment in Levi Roots.

Peter Jones and Levi Roots Dragons Den investment…

Levi Roots is described as a musician and a “Dragon Slayer”. He introduced his Reggae Reggae sauce accompanied by a song and him playing on his guitar. Within weeks of appearing on the BBC show, his sauce was in Sainsbury’s under an exclusive deal. The sauce sold out immediately it became available, and the rest is history.

He has gone on to appear on other shows on TV as a chef and is himself a multi-millionaire. This is down to Peter Jones believing in him and his simple but passionate business pitch.

Bare Naked Foods den investment…

Already invested in the food industry, Jones was ready to invest in a second food-related investment. Bare Naked Foods is one of Peter Jones investments from Dragons Den.

Jones invested £60,000 in this noodle business in return for a 50% stake. Ross Mendham is the MD of the Bake Naked Foods business. He presented his low-carb noodles to the dragons in series 11. His product is now available in Holland & Barrett, GNC stores and online on their own website.

On Peter Jones website he explains “Entrepreneurs often start their own business when they identify a gap for a product or service that they would like to use. That’s exactly what happened with Ross and I’m sure that a lot of other people will be interested in noodles that are low in carbohydrate, fat and calories. Also the brand’s positioning of food with all of the bad bits taken out offers a great platform to build a portfolio of other products. I’m looking forward to working with Ross to make that a reality.”

From food to tennis holiday experiences investment…

Tycoon Peter Jones is not only interested in foodie investments. He’s also not only a tech entrepreneur. He demonstrated this when he invested in tennis holiday experience business Active Away. The business secured a £25,000 investment in return for a 20% stake in the business.

His interest here was from him training as a tennis coach in his teenage years. Having a passion for tennis, this seem an obvious investment for Peter from Dragons Den. In fact his first company was a tennis academy in Windsor, which he set up aged just 16. However, the investment had to stand up to his ever focused scrutiny.

For a list of his other successful investments in his portfolio please visit Peter Jones personal website.

Dragons Den Peter Jones entrepreneur quotes…

Peter Jones ethos is “perseverance and passion are the keys to success.” Entrepreneurship began with a big dream as a school boy for Jones.

Peter Jones Dragons Den Quote

“Believe in yourself, never give up and go about your business with passion drive and enthusiasm.” Peter Jones.

Peter Jones wife and children…

In an article in the Telegraph, Dragon Peter Jones is quoted as saying “My kids aren’t getting my money. They don’t need it“.

Peter Jones family includes a total of five children. He had two children with his first wife Caroline. He has three children with his current partner Tara Capp.

Rather than give the money to his children he is likely to give it away instead. Jones is strict about not to let his children do not grow up spoiled by wealth.

Peter Jones tycoon doesn’t have a home, he has seven homes around the world. In the UK, Peter Jones home is a 200 acre estate in Buckinghamshire.

Dragons Den Peter Jones Charity and giving back…

Peter Jones has set up the Peter Jones Foundation. This foundation believes that all young people deserve a brighter future. The aim is to help youngsters reach their potential through a range of pioneering educational activities and initiatives which champion and celebrate entrepreneurship.

He also has an Enterprise Academy, the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy is designed to bring the boardroom into the classroom. The Academy aims to equip future generations of entrepreneurs with the skills and mindset to run their own businesses. Peter Jones feels that this will thereby support the future of the British economy.

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Peter Jones net worth – Entrepreneur and BBC Dragons Den Investor

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