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Peter Jones net worth – Entrepreneur and BBC Dragons Den Investor

Peter Jones net worth is estimated at £475 million in 2017. He made most of his wealth through Phones International Group, but he started out with a Tom Cruise style cocktail bar, which failed.

Best known as celebrity from BBC Dragons Den he has been on the show since it began.

Peter Jones is also famous for his investment with Levi Roots in the den. Levi Roots has gone on to become a successful millionaire selling his Reggae Reggae Sauce. Levi is also a TV personality too.

Understanding Balance sheet

Understanding Balance sheet article and why is a balance sheet important to businesses. The article includes a balance sheet example too.

Elements of balance sheet include assets, both fixed and current, and liabilities. Liabilities are split between short term (i.e. due within 12 months) and long term, due after 12 months.

Understanding a balance sheet is important for investors looking to buy a business.

How do you value a start-up business – The art of valuation

How do you value a start-up business – The art of valuation This article is about how do you value a start-up business, and has been written by Russell Bowyer. So why would you need to value a start-up business? One reason is when you are looking to sell equity to raise capital for expansion. […]

Success in business – Even in difficult times you can make good money

I took over a business in October 2010 and in that month it made sales of £126,000, whereas in the last month we acheived £271,000! I acheived this by applying some of the 7 ways to grow a business and, just in case you are reading this and thinking turnover is all very well, it is […]

What to invest in now? Best money investments

Firstly, I apologise for my absence on my own blog – I have been away investing and would like to discuss with you what to invest in now, with interest rates still at an all time low across the globe.

I have just invested in a new business and this has taken up my time – I bought a new business back in October 2010 and will admit that it has taken all my focus for the last 6-8 months. The industry was completely new to me and the learning curve extremely steep – the business designs, manufactures and installs fitted furniture, mostly built in bedrooms and home offices – so it is not only and industry I don’t know, but also I have never run a manufacturing business!

Where to Invest Cash

The big topic and discussion right now is where to invest cash – it has been reported in the news that the Governor of the Bank of England is encouraging people to spend their cash! So what are the options open to investing your cash? – Put it in a deposit account and earn a […]

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