Jenny Campbell Net Worth

Jenny Campbell has an estimated net worth of over £40 million. A business woman’s success story where she went from a cashier at a bank to owning an ATM machine business.

Jenny Campbell made most of her wealth when she sold YourCash ATM business for £50 million. Campbell turned this business around, taking it from making a £7 million loss to make a £7 million profit.

She has now joined the new line-up on BBC’s Dragons Den to become an angel investor alongside Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani


Mumpreneur or Mumtrepreneur, which is an entrepreneurial mum with children and with a business.

There are many ideas to run with for a mumpreneur business. At the bottom of the article is an inspirational piece on how some mums turned ideas into successful multi-million pound worldwide businesses.

Details of mumpreneur networking locations across the UK and help for international mumpreneurs from places like the USA, Australia, Germany, France and more.

Lady Michelle Mone

Lady Michelle Mone This article is about the British-borne entrepreneur Lady Michelle Mone, owner and creator of the Ultimo Bra Brand.  A celebrity entrepreneur who’s known and admired by many. Up until 2015 she was a part of this lingerie brand, either when it was owned by MJM International or in partnership with Sri Lankan based […]

Most important characteristics of an entrepreneur

Most important characteristics of an entrepreneur This article is about the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. I realised that I had been working my way through the list of types of entrepreneurs, but hadn’t written specifically about entrepreneur. So this article corrects that. Particularly, as my blog is focused on business and entrepreneurship! I’ve […]

Deborah Meaden Net Worth

Deborah Meaden Net Worth is estimated at £46 million as of 2017.

Deborah Meaden is best known as a dragon on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, but she also starred on the popular TV program Strictly Come Dancing too.

This feisty business woman made her wealth from the family holiday park business. She sold her shareholding in this business for £33 million. She has since added to her growing fortune through her careful Dragons Den Investments.

Walt Disney – Entrepreneur Modeling The Masters

Here is a video about entrepreneurship I wanted to share with you – for that added inspiration. Host Evan Carmichael discusses how Walt Disney got started, what factors led to his success, and what you can learn from him to help you grow your company. I hope you enjoyed watching this video and that it […]

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