Selling a business

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Going concern value

Going concern value and the definition of going concern. Broadly speaking going concern is referring to a business operating at a profit, which is expected to trade for the foreseeable future.

The foreseeable future for this purpose is normally regarded as 12 months. Going concern value is key if you are selling a business as a going concern. Likewise if you are buying a business as a going concern, you will be keen to know whether the business is likely to continue trading into the foreseeable future.

The value of a business will be adversely affected if it’s not considered to be a going concern. In this case either a liquidation value or a receivership value will be placed on the business.

How do you value a start-up business – The art of valuation

How do you value a start-up business – The art of valuation This article is about how do you value a start-up business, and has been written by Russell Bowyer. So why would you need to value a start-up business? One reason is when you are looking to sell equity to raise capital for expansion. […]

Selling small business

As a small business owner you might ask the question “Why should I sell my business through an agency?”. You could easily sell your small business privately but in doing so you will be responsible for every aspect of the sale, including the valuation of your business, the marketing of your business, arranging the viewings […]

Keys to selling a business

I have decided to write this article about the keys to selling a business, as I get really frustrated with vendors of businesses and with brokers that do not seem to know what they are doing! Today, for example, I emailed a broker regarding the purchase of a business that they were advertising – ‘Offers invited […]

How do I sell my business

How do I sell my business is often asked by business owners and can be answered by using the following check-list: 1. Price it right – do NOT over value your business. This might be an obvious point to make and just like selling a house with business sales, if the price is set too […]

Looking to sell your business businesses for sale

If you are selling your business you need to initially provide the following information: Price – This might be stating the obvious, but I have seen many a business for sale where the owner has indicated “price on application”. This is a mistake in my opinion, as you could be wasting both your time and […]

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